Even if the book is in the process of publication, I decided to share the most important content in relation with the planet saving,  as well as to share an introduction to the other parts of the book to get the attention of the future readers. 


Global warming

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The theory of Einstein’s time relativity is the only evidence (principle of perception, cannot be calculated), which can support and prove the my theory of atomic corellation applicable in all life fields and the electroneutrality as the theory of the middle golden way, so let me introduce it through my SPACE BOOK.

The entire book is based on atomic correlation theory, which is the only scientific theory that works through calculations, but my theory of atomic correlation is far more extensive and discusses such areas of space that cannot yet be calculated, but based on the principle of perception, which also works with Einstein's theory of time relativity, is provable. It is the only book that scientifically proves and explains literally everything, including incredible or even impossible things that are possible. Upon these basics the planet functioning should be understood, and the control overtaken.

The aim of this book is to save us, just as our planet by giving direction to the global community, as in the present as in the future, mirroring that the future is in our hands and that the members of the global community need to think about the current state of humans and non-humans, the animate and inanimate beings on this planet, and about future generations and their living conditions, which are dependent on our everyday way of life, conditioned by correlative processes of atoms. 

The second chapter addresses global warming and emphasises its real effects and consequences, presenting the issue from a new perspective, after over connecting the physical and the chemical effects on molecules and its atoms, which are basically the smallest particles of chemical elements, combining to form molecules and thus creating mass of different types, state of matter, temperature, density, pressure, and gravitational force. The chapter also explains the connection between all these things and the total population mass and its consequences, as well as the effect on the flow of space, and proposes effective tools to protect the society and the space and tools to harmonize with the space itself.


Global warming

Protecting time and space

Now you see and understand the importance of protecting space and time, mainly in the form of reducing the load on the whole planet, be it in the form of demolishing old unused buildings or lowering the production of synthetically made mass to prevent the accumulation of huge amounts of clothes and unused mass such as toys, electronics, and old furniture,  also that people get rid of unnecessary things they no longer use in households in the form of selling or bartering. The industrial revolution affected global warming to a greater extent by burdening the planet in terms of centripetal force, as well as releasing chemical elements into the atmosphere during production. Before, natural things used to enter the cycle of constantly changing states from creation to destruction and it worked quite nicely, but after synthetic substances were discovered to multiply matter, it got out of the population’s control and soon the matter will suffocate or burn us, not to mention the disruption and destruction of biodiversity by using synthetic substances in incorrect ratios considering the chemical reactions after, plus chemical spraying and other such substances used by the human population have catastrophic consequences, even if nature tries to adapt as much as it can. What’s important to mention is also the need to reduce the production and sale of classical and electric vehicles.

Contraception is an interesting discovery to unburden the planet, why? Basically, after using contraception people arrived at a chemical process where contraceptive atoms disrupted the atoms of the chromosomes of being and caused mutations and which caused a lower birth rate and a higher % of same-sex oriented people being born (there will be more and more of them), be it as a result of getting off contraception and subsequently becoming pregnant and giving birth, or indirectly, that is from drinking water in the form of drinking or in the form of hygienic purposes, since contraception has stabilized because it’s a substance that cannot be removed from the cycle of chemical processes and it also affects other living beings of our evolution. But trust that over the years this contraception saved us overall load mass and time until the arrival of this apocalyptic era of our population.

Bisexuality as a modern invention? Or a fact of mutating chromosomes only to such an extent that when there’s contact between the same sex with the same atoms of chromosomes and other atoms we’re equally attracted as when there’s contact between the opposite sex with the same atoms of chromosomes and other atoms required for this. So, don’t worry about going crazy? No, you’re not going crazy because it’s a fact of mutation both of male and female atoms of chromosomes forming bonds according to identical atoms of chromosomes and other atoms.

For that reason, I think it’s right to finally give same-sex-attracted people from all over the world equal rights and allow them to adopt children so that not even people are afraid to admit their sexual orientation and force themselves to form heterosexual relationships, which produce suffering children due to the suffering of the parents and in most cases will end in divorce, with the child struggling in the early stages of development in part because of the missing member of their family and their crucial chemical reactions during development, which is a part of family chemical processes that bind the family. I don’t see the logic behind destroying the lives of multiple people because  of selfishness of shame, caused primarily by incorrect collective thinking which will result in a similar chemical process affecting the psychology of the child as it would that of a child living in a children’s home where the situation is even worse, as the chemical processes of both parents are missing. I also don’t believe that surrogate motherhood is a solution, for homosexuals and heterosexuals, because it’s a huge intrusion on the child’s psychology and development in terms of chemical actions and reactions, since the child loses their mother immediately, and from a spatial perspective loses the living matter of crucial chemical processes, affecting the child’s further development during the key stages of growth.

Due to the operation of fountains, what would be great to limit, there are further impacts on Earth’s surface, increasing the pressure, even at similar rates of repetition, 24 hours a day in certain places, not to mention wasting drinking water.

Also in regard to environmental protection, I should mention the negative effect of overly high-frequency sound waves, as well as the pressure they leave behind. Speaking of waves, sea voyages further stimulate sea currents and waves, exerting pressure not only on Earth’s core and temperature and the chemical processes of the core but also on dry land where there are huge cities full of people and huge high-rises and skyscrapers and where waves hit and pressures of different intensities occur, having an even greater effect on Earth’s core, global warming, and gravity than we previously thought, which is why they’re facing greater danger (such as earthquakes, tidal waves, and other natural disasters). Ocean coastline cities and cities on and near the meeting point of the planets tectonic plates are under the greatest threat where the surge of waves originates from a larger part of the ocean surface than the land receiving the shocks, because the backlash caused by the pressure caused by the cities will repel the wave, but it will return much larger and more intense under ideal conditions for such a process, that’s why the US West Coast and the coast of East Asia are in the greatest danger, but also the tidal waves can create other chemical processes too, regardless of the strength of the wave’s rebounding from the land, what I actually have in mind is an increased pressure on the core and the causing of other chemical actions and reactions causing earthquakes or tidal waves far from that land, which ultimately still induces a reaction producing further action, and this will find the place where it was produced thanks to the interconnected chemical processes I already mentioned. Modifying water transport would definitely help so that ships heading downstream would have their engines turned off and use them only when necessary and, also, sailboats should be given priority when producing and choosing recreational water transport, as well as the build up of inland regions far from the meeting point of tectonic plates would stabilize the future of new. cities.

We should talk about a basic process of our nature, and that is photosynthesis, a biochemical process of capturing the energy of sunrays and using it to fixate carbon dioxide in green plants and certain prokaryotes, producing carbohydrates (the stronger the rays, the stronger the carbohydrates – sugars, as energy). It’s a way to assimilate carbon dioxide. To save space, we should pay attention to protecting existing nature and its biodiversity so that the rate of global warming is reduced and there are sufficient tools to process solar energy because, in sandy regions, sunrays are also reflected, albeit to a smaller extent, burning everything around since there’s nothing to capture them and thus at night they cause huge fluctuations of temperatures compared to the day, and once deserts are formed in multiple places it will also be an irreversible process in terms of human action. Also in respect to photosynthesis, I should mention the solar energy processed by plants in the form of carbohydrates and sugars, which supply many living beings with energy, directly in the plant or indirectly by being consumed by another living being, but what needs to be kept in mind here is that, as a result of global warming, the energy in plants and thus in beings will increase as well, causing further acceleration. As we know, acceleration shortens the lifespan of everything, so in the case of global warming and a stronger photosynthesis, we find ourselves in an inevitable cycle once again, since the plants which would have lived longer now have a shorter lifespan due to increased temperature and stronger energies during photosynthesis, and there is nowhere to capture the energy from sunrays. The good news is that, if we adhere to the ‘too much of a good thing’ principle and reduce the rate of global warming, we can get things under control.

Air traffic and its effect. Air traffic affects global warming also in the sense that, due to friction and heat, there is pressure propping up the plane at high altitudes (encroachment on gravity), causing further pressure and dispersion of chemical elements towards the ozone layer, and causing it to be easier to reach and destroy, more than other means of transport, which is why there should be only intercontinental and long flights, while ground transportation should be the primary means of transport on Earth.

About protecting time and space, we must also mention the second greatest enemy of global warming, and that is the digital revolution. I direct your attention to protective measures against electro smog, i.e. electromagnetic radiation. People should be careful about turned-on and plugged-in household appliances, electronics and other electronics receiving and sharing data and if they can, they should acquire means to reduce this electro smog. The amount of shared and stored data should also be reduced, and the entire IT space cleaned because, just like every single thought is made up of atoms, whether articulated or not, so is data made up of atoms, whether shared or not, carried by electromagnetic waves or not. Also, it is very important to mention that thanks to the digital revolution we doubled the reality into virtual reality, and it is all the time effecting our space not just in relation with the global warming but also psychologically the people and their way of lives. That is the reason why we should care about the Constance of the doubled reality. You may think it’s just a few households but in the global spectrum of the digital revolution, in terms of the number of human beings creating and sharing data online all over the world and the number of households and electric appliances, it really is the second biggest enemy of global warming. But we also need to mention industrial power lines producing electromagnetic radiation. Limiting the use of industrial electric power lines (street lighting / factories) is also a tool to slow down global warming and unburden the planet, so far, we’ve been forced into it by the energy crisis, but it would be better to do it purposefully and tactically. It would be also useful to find a golden mean between internal combustion engines and electric motors.

The solution tools for the reduction of the electro smog (electromagnetic radiation) are the SHS radiation protection technologies. Thanks to the Space harmony System Ltd and its products you can live safely in the constantly increasing electromagnetic radiation of our digital world.

In conclusion, a general change in people’s lifestyle and a reduction in animal production would help us slow down global warming, also in terms of improving biodiversity and photosynthetic processes, not to mention the good feeling people get if they change the form of their lifestyle, as they say, “Healthy body, healthy mind,” not to mention the sense of attractiveness which has a beneficial effect on the body in the form of the production of endorphins (happiness hormones). It’s a win-win great feeling about oneself in terms of health, productivity in the sense of getting results better and more easily, and in terms of appearance. Also, it’s a great feeling towards nature, that we’re protecting it through ourselves.



The book is in the process of publication, soon will be available in e-stores and stores. Thank you.