Written by: Dominik Győri


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Introduction   .................................................................................................................  4




Geopolitics .................................................................................................................... 5


The golden mean of geopolitics......................................................................................6


Influence of social media  .............................................................................................. 8


Family ............................................................................................................................ 8


Equality ......................................................................................................................... 9



Global warming

Solar energy  ................................................................................................................ 11


Gravity  ........................................................................................................................ 16


Matter and mass ........................................................................................................... 19


Time ............................................................................................................................ 20


Protecting space and time .......................................................................................... 25





Fundamentals of human existence ............................................................................... 28


Food as medicine  ........................................................................................................ 32


Nutrition ...................................................................................................................... 33


Sample eating plan ....................................................................................................... 34


Sport .............................................................................................................................44


Regeneration ................................................................................................................ 46






Space  ...........................................................................................................................49


Freedom ....................................................................................................................... 51


Faith     .......................................................................................................................... 54



Globalisation projects


APPLE ......................................................................................................................... 54


META .......................................................................................................................... 55


FITBOOK .................................................................................................................... 55


Global Citizens’ Association ....................................................................................... 56


Conclusions ................................................................................................................. 57  



Annex 1 Calculations .................................................................................................. 59


Annex 2 Personal experience of food pharmacy......................................................... 60


Annex 2 Personal experience of attaining freedom..................................................... 61


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This book aims to save both us and our planet by giving direction to the global community, both now and in the future, in the sense that the future is in our hands and members of the global community need to think about the current state of humans and non-humans, the animate and inanimate beings on this planet, and about future generations and their living conditions, which are dependent on our everyday way of life. 


Chapter 1 deals with the global political situation and its effect on our daily life, as well as with efforts to achieve world peace.


Chapter 2 addresses global warming and emphasises its real effects and consequences, presenting the issue from a new perspective, after making physical connections affecting atoms, which are basically the smallest particles of chemical elements, combining to form molecules and thus creating mass of different types, state of matter, temperature, density, pressure, and gravitational force. The chapter also explains the connection between all these things and the total population mass, as well as the effect on the flow of time, and proposes effective tools to protect society. 


Chapter 3 is about the healthy body, healthy mind principle, as well as social issues with regards to health. 


Chapter 4 deals with space and the atomic action-reaction process, be it between individuals or within a society, and voices warnings.


Chapter 5 presents existing revolutionary projects and new ideas to save the world and heal society, with the aim of creating better living conditions for current and future generations.


As you can see, this book pursues many different topics, embracing politics, medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, the environment, philosophy, psychology, life-coaching, sport, philanthropy, and law. Still, it always refers to one and the same thing since everything that’s made of particles is connected, be it living or not, visible or invisible, tangible or intangible.




Chapter 1



A mutually co-operating global community and functional geopolitics are required to save the planet. The first step to create this mutually co-operating global community, or rather families, to save the planet is to clarify the significance of geopolitics and give it proper direction. There are different views of geopolitics but I would like to present the issue from the perspective of laws – the unwritten laws underpinning the calculations of atoms, the smallest units of mass consisting of protons, electrons, and neutrons. I know, I know – what does this have to do with geopolitics and the way global powers function and their rulers think?

Considering the current world events, more than you’d think! Because societal conflicts are a psychological manifestation of dysfunctional atoms which would have been in correlation under normal circumstances. Why does such discord occur and result in conflicts? What purpose do basic laws follow here? The purpose of neutralisation, often in the form of self-destruction, in conditions of extreme emergency and necessary self-defence. 

What do I mean? If two people are in conflict on account of a discord based on the action and reaction of the atoms of human psychology, the reason for this lies in the dysfunction of atomic mutuality, producing further dysfunction until we can no longer handle it and release it in whatever form this assumes, i.e. we neutralise it in order to prevent our psychological state, full of discordant atoms, from completely self-destructing. This is a case of extreme emergency, necessary self-defence on the part of human psychology which, after removing discordant atoms – sometimes by self-self-destruction, reforms and starts functioning again. I’m giving this example because people best understand calculations, the functioning of atoms, and neutralisation when they can personally relate to the issue. The calculations, as well as the functioning of atoms and neutralisation, will form the basis of this book, which is why you need to understand it right from the start.

We’ve yet to address how all this is related to geopolitics and world events or war. It’s as simple as calculating 2x2 or 2+2 and getting, one way or the other, 4! Since basic laws are designed to achieve an ideal mutuality via the golden mean, whenever there’s a deviation from this golden mean, the result is extreme emergency and necessary defence. This goes for global warming as well as for the existence of individual beings and their quality of life

Epidemics are a typical example of neutralisation of low-quality lifestyles. What’s interesting here is the industrial revolution, which started in 1760, and the First World War, which ended in 1918; before, we had never had a world war, and one which saw the breakout of the Spanish flu at that. Do you think there’s no connection? Of course there is, considering the way calculations are designed and the golden mean functions in terms of atomic mutuality. What do I mean? I mean that the industrial revolution led to the First World War because of the huge production of atoms in industry and air pollution, but even more through overuse of resources by excessive amounts of people. The issue was so serious that the First World War wasn’t enough to naturalise the necessary atoms that had deviated from the golden mean, and this led to the Second World War, which finally neutralised the necessary deviation from the golden mean.          

What I mean by all this is that the theory that the strongest countries and countries whose leaders tend to rule the world try to acquire vast territories in order to get mineral or other resources, is it not true? It is true if you ignore the calculations of basic laws. And isn’t war a result of human stupidity? It definitely is. But if you pay attention to the calculations, it’s all human stupidity, seen from a different angle, namely that humanity is stupid for even allowing atomic mutuality to deviate from the golden mean so much that it led to military conflict or global war. Meaning that if we realise everything is connected and follows calculations and auto-destruction in cases of extreme emergency and necessary self-defence, we can see that everything is our fault and that space is simply protecting us from ourselves, even though it might not seem like it. I don’t mean the quantity, but rather the quality of life here.

The end of the Second World War, along with the Cold War and the planet’s division into the East and West, was the planet’s security measure, a way to prevent even greater damage in case the calculations changed direction and rate during those years, which is often unpredictable – predictions can only be made with respect to basic laws and current world events and lifestyles, both individual and global.  

The golden mean of geopolitics

A world divided (East and West). The Cold War turned into an open conflict which kept escalating for no reason whatsoever. Before I delve into the issue, without listing any calculations, I would like to open your eyes to what is really going on. Both East and West are in the grips of calculations, or rather of automatically neutralising, even inevitably auto-destructive mechanisms, aiming for the lesser of two evils. 

I would like to open the eyes of both parties to the fact they created the best-functioning, prosperous countries in Central Europe (in view of rapid changes) as the Eastern power prevails in governance in the form of social democracy, while on the other hand Western capitalist technologies and funds are used. Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of means of production and on market competition between private businesses and (secondarily) on a great degree of individual entrepreneurship, efforts to achieve profit, and constant re-investments of said profit. The issue in this conflict is that both want to have full control over these territories despite seeing that neither a fully Western or Eastern governance style is ideal. After a slight modification, combining these two types of governance would form a true golden mean. Interestingly, this form of governance, i.e. close to a golden mean, appeared all over the world, but it became the target of conflict in Central Europe of all places… you think this is a coincidence? I don’t! 

Instead of wanting to assume full control over these territories, they should agree on how to peacefully divide the sphere of influence to maintain these forms of governance, like two partners in a business, since both global rulers are needed to achieve this golden mean of governance. Neither side alone can continue to build a power structure of the golden mean. If there’s no peace, it will result in global collapse since everything is connected at the atomic level, or in this respect, more precisely, in political-commercial collapse. When talking about the global consequences this would have for the economy and citizens, it’s worth mentioning the key subjects of global economy, for example. There would be economic collapse, resulting in riots and causing other issues. This is just one example, but it needs to be emphasised that ultimately no power would win, literally. The real solution is peace and dividing spheres of influence so that the golden mean in governance is completed and survives for as long as possible. It’s true that this form of governance emerged without anyone realising it would become the ideal, even though a few modifications are still needed to turn it into a power structure that’s truly ideal for people. The West wanted to assume economic power and the East to use Western technology and funds to expand its territories. Both pursued their own goals, creating something they had no idea was about to become the most ideal form of governance, as they are currently busy waging a cold war and aren’t aware of what they have created for both sides (rulers and people). The political structure is almost ideal in terms of productivity and sufficient freedom. It’s true that a few modifications for the governing and governed are still required, concerning personal freedoms and financial income, to turn this form of governance into a true golden mean and the ideal political structure. Instead of competing for the objects of the conflict, these aspects should be built further together and improved, as they were created incidentally during the cold war, even though we know that conflicts aren’t about building something but about fighting for something, but in this case the fight for territory and spheres of influence almost saw the emergence of a golden mean in governance which needs to be completed now. The issue is that the Eastern and Western leaders aren’t aware of this, as they are controlled by calculations. If they were, they wouldn’t fight, but instead would peacefully come to an agreement and divide the sphere of influence as partners, both winning the fight, along with the population and the objects of the conflict.


But how come they didn’t realise this, since it seems so simple? Because nobody’s told them yet and also because they’re in the grip of the calculations of basic laws. The first and most important step towards peace is to become aware of the conflict’s real origin, its source and reason. After that, the calculations of basic laws need to be adopted, replacing neutralising and auto-destructive mechanisms, or, rather, adopting neutralising mechanisms without the auto-destructive ones, the best form is by requalifying beings, which leads to global peace.


Influence of social media

Now that I’ve clarified geopolitics in terms of atomic mutuality, let’s talk about the real purpose of using social media. Exhausting physical or mental labour, lack of funds, or medical issues are why the objectivity and subjectivity of living situations are not understood when looking at online datasets. This lack of understanding demotivates people, who then stop enjoying their duties once they register inappropriately shared or contextless information. At the same time, I sympathise with influencers who make their living in this way, but I believe they should be true influencers in key areas of life, sharing information that helps to heal society instead of doing the precise opposite. I’m also someone who follows the crowd on social media and overshares, but I’ve had the opportunity to be on both sides, become aware of my mistakes, and consciously work on myself. The ideal solution is to use social media to teach people to be gentle on themselves and on the environment, become motivated to work, and use the nutritional value of individual types of food to correctly use energy, vitamins, and minerals, preventing food waste. When it comes to food, the main thing is for us to learn how to correctly use individual ingredients to nourish our bodies relative to the work they do, and when doing any activity, correctly set our bodies to prevent their destruction. The primary concern is therefore to teach people to consume ingredients in adequate amounts to stay in shape and maintain their health and energy and prevent medical issues, no matter if they originate in obesity or malnourishment. 


Now, let’s focus on the issue of families and discrimination, which is an obstacle to globalisation. Generally speaking, not only a globalised world must be based on the knowledge that family is the cornerstone of any society. Why family, exactly, and in what sense? 

It’s because if a man or a woman has any form of a family, they are seen as more productive and peaceful, acting on behalf of their family, and also because if there are quality conditions for families, society as a whole functions better, because even individuals enjoy quality conditions for further development and the head of the family is willing to do anything to save them. This clearly suggests that they will be willing to do anything to save their country in a military conflict, since such a conflict also concerns their family members. Anyone who has a family is much easier to control and more obedient than a person without a family, and, seen from a general psychological and political angle, single people and people without a family are seen as the “most dangerous citizens”. Therefore, in the past, the most ideal professional soldiers were single people since they were able to fully focus on their profession during preparations, without thinking of their family. 


The modern world, however, now finds itself embroiled in CHAOS when it comes to equality and forming families, since in many countries women are still to become fully equal and enjoy equal rights not only to life, but to form families. As for discrimination, we also need to mention people who are attracted to the same sex.

Throughout their life, such children and individuals struggle with discrimination, which reduces their productivity at school and work; another drawback to society and countries. Updating biology textbooks on sex and reproductive organs on a global scale would be a great boon, provided that the issue of sexual orientation is added and if children are encouraged to conclude that we’re all equal and someone’s gender or sexual orientation is no reason for discrimination, that is for causing that person harm, be it passive, i.e. in the form of ostracising, or active, i.e. physical or psychological attacks. This would be the first, elementary step towards healing society and creating quality conditions for everyone to develop without issues, regardless of whether we’re talking about oppressed women or people with same-sex attraction. The point here is issues caused by people’s antiquated ways of thinking. Updating the collective consciousness and the power of collective psychology is crucial for equality and for preserving fundamental human rights and freedoms. 

It’s merely force of habit and perspective, since these people are made from flesh and bone, with blood running in their veins, people who know how to work, sometimes even better than men or heterosexuals do, and perhaps they would do even better if not burdened with psychological issues. To make sure every human individual experiences quality development and isn’t discriminated against on account of their gender or sexual orientation, it’s time for every country in the world to make changes and give them the equal right to life. First, collective consciousness will change within a few years, as it did in respect to racism or women in countries where they already enjoy equal standing with men, and, second, it will heal society and save us the effort, financial resources, and time required to address the issue of oppressed women and LGBT communities since “we’ll all be equal” and the people who work to address the issues of LGBTQ people and oppressed women will be able to pursue worthwhile matters to save the planet.

By the way, when it comes to adopting and the idea that children growing up in homosexual families will become homosexual themselves, that’s just a manifestation of human stupidity. Why don’t homosexuals who grow up in heterosexual families become heterosexuals? Since it doesn’t work like that, I don’t think the opposite is a risk either. And anyway, most children would definitely be adopted by women. 

Thus, we would solve:

  • the mental issues of children and people and bullying motivated by gender and sexual orientation, thus also addressing productivity and performance;
  • societal sustainability regarding families and an easy way of leading people, thereby improving national security;
  • overpopulation and the education and re-education of existing children who live in catastrophic conditions, thanks to their adoption by, among others, same-sex couples;
  • this would also have a positive effect on global warming, as we’ll detail further.

Globally, women have already been made equal with men, with the exception of a few countries. If you were to say 69 or 77 years ago that some countries would be led by women, you wouldn’t be believed and people would think you were crazy. African Americans were also granted equal rights and the strongest country on the planet was headed by an African American. There are no coincidences in human history; everything fits together, just like every fly, every jellyfish, spider, or mammal is needed for the planet to function. Thus, women and people attracted to the same sex need to be made fully equal in all countries.

Humanity must adapt psychologically and be prepared for current world events, predicting the future and making connections based on everything that happened throughout history, taking the right steps to maintain peace in every form and every existence on Earth in the present. But if you can’t predict future, how can you take the right step to ensure the planet’s correct functioning? You can’t, which is why I recommend paying attention to people whose past predictions have already come true.

By observing fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as equalising all individuals, that is, eliminating discrimination in the global community and in families, by dividing housework not on the basis of gender but the skills and capacities of individual family members, we can jointly remove the real issues that threaten us as a whole.  

yin yang


One for all and all for one

Now that we’ve become aware of all these facts, we can address the issue of global warming.



Chapter 2

The world’s greatest enemy



Once society is united and the world globalised, attention must be paid to the greatest threat to human existence – global warming.

We’ll start by talking about solar energy and then go over gravity (pressure), temperature, and the time remaining.

Solar energy

Solar energy consists of light that helps us to see (48%), heat that warms us (45%), and ultra-violet radiation that tans us (7%). Solar energy moves through outer space at almost 300,000 km/s (186,000 miles per second). When it reaches Earth, it’s typically either reflected or absorbed. Reflected light is returned to outer space, while absorbed light is a source of energy, fuelling processes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Changes in the percentage of incoming solar energy that is reflected as opposed to absorbed depends on the make-up of Earth’s surface and can change global climate, as well as the planet’s ecosystems.


The image shows the percentage and composition of reflected solar energy.

Early in February, I was sunbathing on my balcony. It may have looked crazy but, in fact, assuming the most ideal angle of incidence of solar rays, some 180% of solar energy (80% reflected from water and 100% directly from the Sun) was falling on me at 300,000 km/s (186,000 m/s). It was 8 °C (82.4 °F) outside but, honestly, it felt like 22 °C to 25 °C, perhaps slightly less, depending on the strength and direction of the slight wind. Incidentally, light air is the first category of the Beaufort scale and its force is roughly 1 to 5 km/h (0.3 to 1.5 mph). It was the Sun and its rays, reflected from the surface of the water, that provided me with this heat.

And it was thanks to this BIO heating and BIO solarium that I came to realise we’re facing the serious issue of GLOBAL WARMING, which will lead to the ULTIMATE END OF THE WORLD – APOCALYPSE. We find ourselves in a hard-to-break CYCLE, which is why each INDIVIDUAL person in the world should think whether they’re a CITIZEN of the world, and each POLITICIAN whether they are a world LEADER. Besides global air pollution, there’s also the thinning of the ozone layer, which is thus being damaged, as well as the growing of the ozone hole.


What is OZONE and what is its purpose? Ozone absorbs UV radiation (7% of solar energy) better than oxygen does, weakening the UV radiation that reaches the surface. If the UV rays were to reach Earth’s surface without losing any of their energy in the ozone layer, they would pose a great danger to Earth’s organisms, because high photon energy leads to various types of cancerous skin tumours, damaged eyesight, and the worsened IMMUNITY FUNCTION of humans and all organisms on Earth. High photon energy also causes the destruction of plankton, necessary for the life of marine fauna and for the formation of oxygen. Large doses of unfiltered UV radiation could lead not only to the deterioration of biodiversity and environmental stability, but also to serious climate change. This means that, the thinner the ozone layer and the larger the ozone hole, the stronger the solar energy, that’s 48% light, 45% heat, and 7% UV radiation. And as if that weren’t enough, going back to the first image we can see the percentage of reflected solar energy and notice that global warming is occurring at almost double the rate, and from two ends at that, i.e. due to NATURE and then also because of the lifestyle of every single INDIVIDUAL. This results in the melting of glaciers, leading to the flooding of Earth’s dry lands, with the water reflecting (depending on the angle of impact of sun rays), up to 80% of sunbeams, logically resulting in almost double the amount of solar energy and generally high temperatures intensifying the melting of glaciers, as well as accelerating the process of overheating Earth’s core. Also worth mentioning, just like air pollution, this process too, thanks to the general temperature of the atmosphere, causes the simpler and faster process of thinning and damaging the ozone layer, as well as its enlargement, owing to constant chemical reactions that depend on this very temperature, which, ultimately, means that the general process of GLOBAL WARMING occurs even faster.


Due to global air pollution, the ozone layer has been growing thinner since 1970 as a result of the influence of civilisation. Currently, there are more than 200 chemical reactions in the ozone depletion process. Depletion is caused mainly by compounds of chlorine, bromine, and fluorine, which destroy ozone in the stratosphere. They reached the stratosphere mostly in the form of FREONS – the trade name of compounds used, for example, in refrigeration (fridges, freezers, AC), but also as a propellant gas in sprays. Freons were invented in 1930 and were believed to be quite useful, harmless, and cheap. At the moment, the global rate of ozone depletion is roughly 5%. Scientists predict the layer will continue to become thinner because, ever since the industrial revolution, that is from 1870 to the present, approximately 20 million tonnes of these substances have been produced and released into the atmosphere. It is estimated, however, that only about 20% have reached the ozonosphere. Depending on the method of production, a single polystyrene CUP contains roughly one BILLION FREON molecules. Nature’s double-edged sword is evident in industrial production, every INDIVIDUAL’s lifestyle, and in the use of the individual elements of industrial production (e.g. AC and fridges). For example, the warmer it gets, the more individuals use air-conditioning, thus beginning a CYCLE, one which I’d term the COUNTER-CYCLE since it produces even more chemical substances, which results in the thinning of the ozone layer and the enlargement of the ozone hole, thus generating greater heat and accelerating the overall process of global heating, when instead humanity should wake up and start living a reasonable lifestyle, build well-thought-out real estate (requiring minimum use of heating and air-conditioning), planting more greenery and trees, and protecting existing nature instead of destroying it.

Also worth mentioning, transport EMISSIONS have an adverse effect on the environment and humans. The main sources of emissions include combustion engine vehicles, and among these, vehicles running on hydrocarbon fuels. Emissions are often associated with exhaust gases alone, but those are just a part of the problem. Emissions can be divided into gaseous, exhaust fumes, fuel vapours, solid, and electromagnetic radiation. Environmentally speaking, unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides pose a great danger. Along with geomorphological and climate factors, these components take part in forming photochemical smog when interacting with solar energy, damaging the ozone layer.

Globally, we should mention the EMISSIONS of carbon dioxide and electromagnetic radiation, which cause the greenhouse effect and influence global warming, since the greenhouse effect consists of the warming of the atmosphere’s bottom layers. This is because, throughout the day, the atmosphere lets short-wave solar rays reach Earth’s surface and, at night, quite effectively absorbs Earth’s long-wave radiation, becoming warmer. A similar phenomenon can be seen in greenhouses, hence the name.

Last but not least, we need to mention the digital revolution and electromagnetic radiation in relation to global warming. What is electromagnetic radiation? It’s the transfer of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are local changes in electromagnetic fields, a periodic process where there is a spatial and temporal change of the intensity vector of the electric field, as well as the magnetic induction vector. Electromagnetic radiation includes an electromagnetic spectrum: gamma radiation, X-rays, UV radiation, visible radiation, infra-red radiation, microwave radiation, and radio radiation. The rate at which it spreads in the vacuum, also known as the speed of light, is 299,792,458 km/s. According to the theory of relativity, this is the highest possible speed in space. Human eyes can see only a narrow part of the spectrum, from about 380 to 760 nm, called visible light. Some animals are able to perceive other parts of the spectrum as well.

Photons are quantums of electromagnetic radiation. High photon energy causes the destruction of plankton, vital for the life of marine fauna and for the formation of oxygen. The limit wavelength separating ionising and non-ionising electromagnetic radiation is 100 nm, equivalent to a frequency of 3 x 1,015 Hz. Photons of smaller wavelengths are ionising; those of greater wavelengths non-ionising. In terms of dividing the electromagnetic spectrum, this boundary lies in the ultraviolet spectrum. 

Electromagnetic radiation and its effects on animate and inanimate beings, as well as on our surroundings.Electromagnetic fields are everywhere. In the past, people were exposed only to natural sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as cosmic radiation, electrostatic discharges in the atmosphere, solar wind, etc. Over time, these were supplemented with artificial sources, e.g. radio and television transmitters, mobile operator base stations, detection equipment at airports, and security systems in shops, which have a two-fold effect on the organism:

  • warming due to the high-frequency power absorbed;
  • electric currents induced in the body by the electric and magnetic field.

The organism becomes warmer due to the high-frequency power absorbed. There’s a warming of 1 °C at 4 W of absorbed power per kilogram of tissue. By protecting against non-ionising radiation, world organisations set the maximum permitted power of electromagnetic radiation, absorbed by the whole body, at 0.4 W/kg, i.e. 10 times lower.

The threshold value for the population is 0.08 W/kg, i.e. 50 times lower than the value at which the body becomes 1 °C warmer. In real life, it’s therefore almost unthinkable for people to be exposed at such a high rate. If any electromagnetic source of radiation exceeds these limits, it’s enclosed, thus access into the danger zone is prevented.

The low-frequency electric and magnetic fields that populations can encounter are so small that the currents induced by these fields are basically several degrees lower than what the threshold value is. Usually, these are currents induced in the body by magnetic fields that form around any conductor where an electric current flows. However, this magnetic field decreases rapidly as distance from the conductor increases. But if there’s constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation, atomic mutuality in the human body is disrupted, leading to destruction, which results in diseases and other medical issues, such as a raised body temperature. Electromagnetic radiation also has a negative effect on the atomic mutuality of animate and inanimate matter, as well as on the temperature of our surroundings, and thus generally on global warming.

Speaking of energy transfers in the form of electromagnetic waves, a much bigger threat is to the planet’s core. These electromagnetic waves are local changes of electromagnetic fields, a periodic process where there is a spatial and temporal change in the intensity vector of the electric field, as well as the magnetic induction vector. This means that, with every energy transfer, even in the form of data, there must be a spatial and temporal change in the intensity vector of an electric field, and at the same time in the magnetic induction vector, resulting in a negative effect on Earth’s magnetic field and its core in the form of a higher temperature and pressure. When we think about a single data transfer, these calculations may not seem so bad and they don’t evoke catastrophic scenarios. But remember how many people inhabit this planet, how many people use data transfers beyond the standard use of electric power, and the discord in the atomic mutuality of Earth’s core and magnetic field becomes immediately apparent and we grasp the incomprehensible phenomena occurring all over the planet where, in this case, there is a direct effect on the core and centre of the planet itself, Earth’s magnetic field, and not just with an increased temperature and production of animate and inanimate matter, but also spatial and temporal changes in the intensity vector of the electric field and the planet’s magnetic field, which then has an effect on Earth’s magnetic field. Considering the sheer mass of households and people, you can’t even comprehend the mess this makes in calculations, leading to natural disasters. Also, electromagnetic waves are transmitted by the atoms of the units of chemical elements, resulting in actions and reactions in weather formation.


Everything on our planet depends on Pascals, on pressure which comes first from the Sun, second from the Earth’s core, and third from the population and everything making it up, and on Newtons, on gravity and its effect on the whole of space, equally but differently depending on the distance of individual planets from the Sun and from each other, and on its subsequent causing of different temperatures in the individual planets’ cores, as well as their different contents and states, and on the subsequently formed magnetic fields of the specific planets and on the pressure of the specific planet cores, which affects their own gravitational force, that is, gravitational collision – the collision of all factors and consequences in various positive and negative forms because gravity is caused by the correlation of the atoms of the Sun and the core of a specific planet. On our planet, gravity is caused by the Sun, the Earth’s core and magnetic field, the moon (stabiliser), and rotation around the Sun via centrifugal forces and rotation around its own axis via centripetal forces, but it’s different for all beings depending on their weight or the amount of atoms. The fact that gravity is this combination of everything and that it depends on the distance from the Sun, and also that it changes depending on pressure and temperature, is primarily reflected in the liquid state of matter, especially in movement, such as in flowing rivers (varying by volume most over them), seas and oceans (the tides, sea currents). Simply put, gravity is a combination of everything and creates a sort of vacuum between individual atoms of various types of matter and states to such an extent that matter remains the whole of tangible elements of an animate and inanimate nature and depends on multiple factors, but primarily on the mass of the matter and the distribution of its particles, as well as the density and temperature of the matter and the temperature of space. The speed of rotation around the Sun and of the Earth’s rotation around its own axis depends on the mass of matter and the temperature of matter (the Earth’s core) and the temperature of space. Gravitational force causes the speed of rotation around the Sun and rotation around its own axis, creating a vacuum, including between other types and states of matter. This literally makes sure we can stand on Earth, swim while changing movements and speed, plant vegetation, and let things lie freely on the ground, provided there is enough mass of matter and depending on the type of matter in terms of its make-up and state. And thanks to science and its modifications and by adopting knowledge of physics, we can ride on dry land and on water, just like under water, or in the air, or we can fly to space, where gravity is affected by some of the same basic factors, but other factors are different and therefore don’t create a vacuum. 

Furthermore, atoms in low-temperature spaces move slowly as a result, and in space, depending on the distance from the Sun and thanks to temperature and pressure, which are closely related, gravity and subsequent relativity of time are easier to prove, more tangible, and visible in everything in that space and environment, even at temperatures achieved by humans and in enclosed spaces in the universe. It is also worth mentioning that gravity affects all matter and beings on all planets differently, depending on an extreme number of factors, the most important being pressure, mass, shape/form, and speed of the movement of particles, affected by temperature and around mass, and by centrifugal force. Weather is also a form of gravity because all these factors and their effect create pressure waves, which carry the atoms of units in different states, depending on the make-up of the particular part of space, meaning the atoms of units of chemical elements, which then, depending on the consistency of the atoms of the units of chemical elements and on the temperature, as well as the strength of pressure waves, create various chemical actions and reactions, the weather.

And this is why a key role, in relation to Pascal and Newton and their tools, is played by Anders Celsius and Gabriel Fahrenheit, in terms of preserving the existing, i.e. what is, in terms of coordinating temperatures, a timer in a vacuum. Because determining and tracking temperatures in general and numerically charting them to compare and predict the near future will be the most important thing if we are to prevent possible future catastrophic scenarios in preserving the planet by a reset via an ice age, with an incorrect, general, and global form of conduct of human and non-human forms of being, causing higher and higher temperatures in general which result in faster and more rapid movements of everything. Because processes accelerate in every existing atom, that is, also between them, in terms of the ratio of temperature and a subsequent change in pressure, which means that temperature and pressure, as well as the effect of gravity, also change around a particular atom, which then accelerates the processes of chemical actions and reactions with other atoms and other units of chemical elements.

The atom is the basic building block of all elements, all matter, and it’s the smallest indivisible part of chemical elements, but its nucleus is called a subatomic particle, which is a particle smaller than the atom, and therefore the atomic nucleus as a whole is sometimes seen as a subatomic particle, but other times it isn’t (though the individual parts of the nucleus are typical subatomic particles) as, ultimately, it is seen as a dividable particle of a chemical element, a carrier of its properties. It consists of a nucleus and a shell. The nucleus contains protons and neutrons, while the shell houses electrons. Atoms form molecules. In the natural environment, there is an equal number of electrons and protons; in this state the atom is electroneutral. If this relationship changes, an ion is created, either positive (cation) or negative (anion). A molecule, atom, and even subatomic particles are constantly moving.




And how does all this affect our planet? Well, everything on the planet is basically a chemical element and consists of the smallest particles, that is, atoms, where it can be determined by the units of chemical elements and their mathematical patterns whether it’s natural and animate or chemical and artificial, everything is from this planet and developed from existing chemical elements, and therefore also the temperature and the effect of gravity are crucial in every area of this planet and in every atom because, if there’s a significant change in temperature and pressure, it could lead to a catastrophe, with an atom or two it doesn’t tell you anything, but if the number is infinite… which may seem unlikely, but I’ll describe it to you in more general terms, not focusing on matter divided into particles. In the case of global warming and the increasing amount of sunrays falling on the Earth’s surface, not only does the temperature increase, but the Earth’s surface dries up and biodiversity becomes damaged, as does the strength of the Earth’s surface. This leads to an accelerated hydrological cycle that will produce even more water on the Earth’s surface, causing an even stronger reflection of sunrays than under normal circumstances and from surfaces other than water. This raises the average temperature and leads to a change in the pressure and gravitational force on the individual atoms of chemical elements, as well as on the matter itself that’s made up of them. This is exactly the reason behind the Earth’s accelerated rotation around the Sun and around its own axis, as well as behind the fact that suppressed and overheated energy reaches the surface in the form of eruptions and earthquakes, because the increase in temperature amplifies the Earth’s core, the particles accelerate and create stronger energies, and if there isn’t enough space they are suppressed and neutralised.

But if there is such a change in 1. temperature and pressure, 2. the pressure of the Earth’s core (one of the factors behind gravity), and 3. gravity, what gets forgotten is the effect on Earth’s magnetic field (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the expulsion of energy from the core to the aether) which becomes weaker due to neutralisation. This accelerates global warming because the Earth’s magnetosphere prevents the solar wind’s electromagnetically charged particles from reaching the surface. When moving, the charged particles need to follow the lines of the magnetic field. Thus, they perform a protective function, without which life on Earth wouldn’t be possible. There is also the effect on the reduction of the impact of meteorites, whose force of impact would lead to the same thing, with each impact causing a change in 1. the pressure of the Earth’s core (one of the factors behind gravity), therefore also in 2. temperature and pressure in general, and 3. gravity, which would make it easy for other meteorites and particles from space to pass through and then increase the temperature and pressure, the pressure of the Earth’s core, and subsequently activate further volcanic activity. Volcanos are a key tool wielded by Mother Nature, as well as volcanic activity which occurs all over the planet and is caused exactly by increases in the temperature of air as well as of the Earth’s surface or water and accelerations of particles in general, which then causes eruptions all over the planet. But what is more dangerous in this regard is that when the Earth’s core overheats, it cannot withstand the acceleration of particles and thus, after earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all over the planet and the subsequent change in temperature and gravity, one apocalypse occurs, not to mention the other which is the flooding of the surrounding space with volcanic ash and clouds, replacing the weakened magnetic field, which then, due to the composition and density of particles of individual substances, and due to the state of matter, can let sunrays through either at a limited rate or not at all, which then has the opposite effect, i.e. the temperature of sea currents, air, and the Earth’s surface drops and this state will persist, depending on the speed of the planet’s cooling and the air’s cleaning, which are mutually dependent, and there could even be a temporary ice age as a planetary reset. And this is the endless chain I’m describing, since everything is connected, because, after all, humanity must submit itself to nature and give up certain things in order to prevent a catastrophe.

The most important thing I’d like to mention in regards to our current situation is that if a serious armed conflict takes place within the already ongoing Third World War and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION are used, this would have CATASTROPHIC consequences on the delineated process of the effect of pressure, temperature, and gravitational force. Because the core that’s suppressed due to the mass and its weight and the raised temperature of Earth’s core would, in the event of a series of nuclear explosions, result in the formation of even stronger energies in an enclosed suppressed space due to insufficient space for the accelerated movement of the particles of the Earth’s core, caused by further waves set off by nuclear weapons. In the end, there would be the same final scenario, depending on the amount of weapons used of this kind, either via an immediate or later APOCALYPSE where nature, due to the temperature and pressure shifted by the war, and the change in the effect of gravitational force, would cease to exist due to a scenario similar to the one I described in the case of meteorites, since super-modern weapons and subsequent explosions affecting every existing particle in range and their consequences also change 1. the pressure of the Earth’s core, 2 temperature and pressure, and 3. gravity. This is why having the strongest weapon sometimes equals suicide, although maybe only for future generations, because in terms of accelerating the warming, the use of these weapons might not be catastrophic for us but for the future generations, which, however, are still both us and our offspring made up of our particles = atoms of the body, so we need to keep them in mind. Thus it’s time for the leaders in this international conflict to set aside their EGOS and look at the WORLD GLOBALLY and from this spatial and physical perspective, not only from a political perspective, and also in view of the next several thousands of years.



Matter and mass

Now that we’ve gone over all the facts, the most crucial thing to talk about in regards to global warming is matter and mass. Matter in terms of its form and state, as well as quantity, and mass in terms of the centripetal force and its effect on the temperature of the Earth’s core, which at higher loads increases pressure and temperature overall, as well as the speed of atomic movement in general. That is why it’s important to keep the being of every form in the golden mean, as this decreases the global load in terms of population. At the same time, there will be a reduction in the production of animal-form beings, which burdens the planet to a much lesser degree than the vegetable form does.


What is important in order to slow down global warming is to retrain the existing human being and keep it in the golden mean, and to reduce the inanimate form of being and return it to its original state, if possible, because it is in conditions of excess production of the animate and inanimate form and its multiplication, and due to synthetic substances, that we clutter space, which results in the deviation of atomic correlation from the golden mean and increases the pressure and temperature in general and pushes light chemical elements out to higher altitudes. And it’s precisely this cluttering with matter and the increasing of the planet’s total mass and pressure that’s most closely related to global warming and that increases the pressure and temperature of the Earth’s core even more, and subsequently space, which expands the ozone hole and thins its layers (like an inflating balloon). To give an example, if there are ten people standing on a mattress the pressure is greater than when you’re standing on it alone, and if you lie down you won’t be exerting as much pressure on the core in a single point as when you’re standing up, but in this respect I also must mention high-rises because if you build a high-rise the effect and load on the Earth’s core at a single point is greater and the temperature is increased more than if you build the structure horizontally, because all the pressure is concentrated in a single point, the effect of which will reach the Earth’s core sooner because, in terms of area, the high-rise doesn’t correlate with mass and its subsequent pressure. Not to mention that the higher the building the greater the pressure on it not only in terms of mass but also height, which is affected by the end of the high-rise. The most ideal top is triangular, as the pyramids used to be, because the pressure hits just the tip of the building, or arched, but it’s definitely not a good idea to build high-rises of more than 30 floors with a flat top. In terms of developing pressure from and on Earth’s core, real estate with pointed roofs would be the most ideal. The same goes for large aquariums, which also create extra waves through animals or filtration, but these pose a particular threat to us when built high up.


The overburdened planet causes global warming which, considering all the facts we’ve talked about, results primarily in the melting of glaciers and changes in the direction and speed of the Gulf Stream in terms of the temperature, volume and content of the water, and causes huge fluctuations in weather and its unpredictability. As per scientific evidence, this neutralisation in the form of the melting of glaciers and changes in the planet’s most important tool, i.e. the Gulf Stream, along with volcanic activity, also pushes us closer to the ice age we are headed towards.


And that’s exactly why this is happening all at once in nature, because our planet is overburdened and trying to neutralise processes before the apocalypse we’re heading towards breaks out. In the past, dinosaurs and both animate and inanimate beings of huge mass also caused an ice age in this way because Earth was overworked, and that’s exactly what we’re heading towards, that’s why all these catastrophic events are occurring all over the world. Be it in the form of natural disasters, epidemics, or wars, they’re so-called automatic neutralisation mechanisms, often nature’s auto-destructive chemical reactions that occur under the greatest strain or under the greatest threat of danger, as evidenced by historic warfare, the spread of epidemics, and other events which are MOTHER NATURE’s natural means of neutralising processes and trying to at least partially achieve an electro-neutral environment in order to prevent a greater EVIL. After all, as I have said, everything is a constant chemical process, including all animate and inanimate beings, depending on pressure, influencing and being influenced by gravity, and influenced by nature itself and space, i.e. other chemical processes and their elements in a specific time and space, which are thoughts, feelings, actions, dreams or plans because we’re a part of being and NATURE pushes us towards this if we can’t come up with any other solution to achieve neutralisation. In the end, humans are the most evolved mammals on planet Earth and their mission, as a part of a material environment made up of the smallest particles, is to look for and find an alternative solution to prevent the imminent APOCALYPSE.


The most interesting part of this book, in the philosophic rather than scientific sense, but in my opinion it will soon be scientifically provable, is TIME and its flow, and the effect on its flow once the temperature increases and the gravitational force subsequently changes and particles in general accelerate. In line with this subject, I’d therefore like to describe the flow of time and influences on the flow of time.

Looking at the flow of time overall, as far as resetting the planet is concerned, the average temperature increases with the accelerated rate of the form of being and the form of its lifestyle, and also because of the friction caused by the velocity of individual particles of an animate and inanimate nature, meaning that in a moving world characterised by a hectic lifestyle we not only pollute faster (which can be corrected, I hope), but that this also affects the very acceleration of movements = particles, increasing the pressure and temperature and influencing gravity in general all over the planet, and when looking at the accelerated world not only in the form of the physical movements of people, be they personal or involving aids or means of transport, as well as the form of thinking function and the form of living ordinary days, here too the principle “slow but steady wins the race” is applicable. If you drive your car nonstop at full or high revs, it will soon be immobile, not well-kept and functional; the same goes for the human organism – in conditions of accelerated movements (physical exertion) and an accelerated mental state (mental exertion which then often causes involuntary physical exertion) we experience higher pressure and so, under pressure, we can manage to do more at once. This can be initiated by physical pressure, caused by us, to warm up, or internal or external mental pressure. The result is that we’re faster and more active or stronger, or even counterproductive under extreme pressure, in terms of the unsustainable flow of particles in our body, but for a shorter period of time in general when performing a specific activity and regarding our lifespan when compared to those leading a peaceful life. That’s why people who exert themselves physically or mentally wear and tear their body sooner, by excessively producing automatic pressure and warmth, and often also speed. 


As I have said, everything is connected and if the temperature and the pressure keep intensifying all around us and inside us, the planet’s overall time will become shorter too. And let’s not forget about the increased pressure and temperature in our planet’s core, which also leads to accelerated particles, stronger energies, as well as the Earth’s faster rotation around the Sun or around its own axis, meaning a faster flow of time, also in actuality where clocks are concerned.

The flow of time and effects on its speed and the reasons for its acceleration. Gradual warming has accelerated atomic particles, and thus also people and everything around us, causing vegetation to ripen faster. Here, it’s true that “the warmer it gets, the faster time flows”, for reasons of the general acceleration of particles, as well as due to having reached undesirable temperatures and influenced Earth’s core. Everything started accelerating even faster when people got themselves heated homes because then particles wouldn’t slow down even in the winter, but instead were kept artificially warm without needing to cool down and regenerate, and thus everything gradually transformed and some of the planet’s particles, especially those affected by humans, stopped having a vegetation period. This resulted in even more friction of heat and pressure in general throughout the year, with no vegetation periods, but the very friction and the cause of the acceleration of particles intensified and gradually the whole world accelerated and thus the flow of time accelerated too, psychologically and actually, because results are faster to materialise at an accelerated pace and friction, and also time flows and not just seems to flow. We can even manage to do more in the same amount of time than at a slower pace, though not in the long term. Globally speaking, this creates a sense of an accelerated world in which we now live, and time flowing more slowly in the past isn’t just a feeling but a fact that is affected by global warming, in the form of influencing the speed of atomic particles, i.e. everything, as well as increasing people’s speed on account of their accelerated particles and raised or higher body temperature when compared to what it used to be. By this I mean to say that time in the 1960s, as well as in 2000 BC, was slower in fact, in respect of the global temperature, pressure, and particle acceleration. Since I can’t prove the passage of time from the past, present, or future measurably, as we feel it pass constantly and can determine and think about the future or reflect on the past, although time is no longer passing there, but rather the time in the present does, dependent as it is on the speed of our particles and their surroundings and other influences and factors I’ve already mentioned. Thus, globally speaking, it seems logical to me that when atoms move at an accelerated rate because of increased temperatures in general and changes in pressure, all particles accelerate and therefore time can’t flow as it did when the particles moved more slowly, even though time manifests and shows itself to us in the same manner because we don’t have any evidence for comparison; we feel the change I’ve laid out here to you logically, but it still corresponds to the current time because even particles showing the passage of time accelerated since, as I have said, everything is a chemical element and thus consists of atoms. In the past, therefore, the natural (biological) clock accelerated as the temperature rose and atoms accelerated. An interesting thing about atoms, in a natural environment, in the golden mean environment, is that atoms contain an equal number of electrons and protons, and in this state the atom is electro-neutral. If this ratio changes, an ion is created, either positive (cation), or negative (anion). Therefore, if there’s no change in the environment, no negative or positive ions form and there’s no further transformation of the overall being towards an apocalypse as the essential solution and key to everything is to STABILISE THE TEMPERATURE of everything so that it rises at a slower pace, and thus to also stabilise LIFE everywhere, as well as the surrounding, increasingly rising pressure. And if this works for atoms as the basic components of chemical elements and all being, why shouldn’t it work globally in general all over the planet, since the planet, as well as the life on it, is made up of them? YOU ALWAYS START FROM THE BASICS and the rules of how the basics work = atoms reflect the principles behind how the whole functions. So that’s about half the key to salvation! After all, due to conditionality temperature depends on speed, and speed on temperature, which reduces the total time of being and now we know how, in connection with pressure!

By the way, isn’t it interesting that the sundial was one of the very first inventions? Back then, space was already trying to tell us that our TIME was dictated directly by the Sun and its rays and that these also indirectly dictate our overall time (the time of the existence of our being) via temperature in general and everything in relation with pressure (a part of gravity) while affecting gravity.



The good news is that, as a population, we can pull through to influence everything, by changing our approach to every aspect of our life, both collectively and individually. Further good news is that, among other things, even for individuals there are ways to influence the often extremely fast or extremely slow passage of time.

The former concerns individuals experiencing an extremely fast passage of time, where they can take psychological and physical measures to reduce the pressure and temperature of their body, as well as the speed of particles, and thus influence the fast flow of time, but if there is excess information to process, depending on the skills, options, and psychological aspects of a particular individual with insufficiently delimited time or insufficient skills, options, and with the psychological aspects of a particular individual, the particular time still won’t be manageable, but that is hard to predict in advance and everything always depends on planning or the current situation. I call this the theory of a psychological-physical mind, where the psychological mind, which is a hard-to-prove part of the brain made up of individual atoms forming thoughts, is deactivated by the visible atoms of the physical mind, made up of brain cells and vice versa, resulting in physical effects on the passage of time which are hard to prove with evidence since this is feelings and a mental state we’re talking about, which change constantly, influenced as they are by other physical and physiological factors.

The latter concerns time that flows too slowly, where it is also possible to take physical or psychological security measures, but in this case the acceleration of particles and thus of the flow of everything around us, thanks to the stimulation of pressure and the increase in temperature, which then changes the very flow of time. By the way, that’s why people get sleepier and more tired in the winter and feel like the time passes more slowly, because atoms themselves move more slowly (and thus the movements of beings themselves are slower) than at high temperatures, because when people are cold they move more slowly if they don’t warm up, and their muscles don’t respond as fast as when they do once warmed up and the increased temperature and pressure have supplied enough speed for muscle particles to respond and so every action and reaction occurs at a pace dictated by temperature. Essentially, clocks show us the “same” time, but it flows differently for every one of us. This is evidenced by all the factors I’ve mentioned. Lastly, I’d like to give a typical example of travelling to a vacation (to also make the destination of the travel the same), when we’re waiting for something in a neutralised state time flows normally, even slowly, depending on the speed at which particles in the body are moving, i.e. depending on the mode of the body and on this temperature and everything around us we often can’t even influence, but if there’s a pleasant stimulation of the atoms in the body via an activity, the time passes faster than when we’re in a neutralised state, the journey flies by faster if you have to pay attention or are engaged in an interesting conversation, during the course of which you wish to impart as much information as possible, the brain’s firing on all cylinders if there’s a certain pressure, increased temperature, and increased speed of atoms, differently than under normal circumstances, and the passage of time feels different from what it really is. I call this the theory of a psychological-physical mind, where the psychological mind, which is a hard-to-prove part of the brain made up of individual atoms forming thoughts, is deactivated by the visible atoms of the physical mind, made up of brain cells and vice versa, resulting in physical effects on the passage of time which are hard to prove with evidence, since this is feelings and a mental state we’re talking about, which change constantly, influenced as they are by other physical and physiological factors.

Physical and physiological influences on the speed of the passage of time are easier to prove than psychological influences once connections are made and by logically determining the conclusion of the functioning of particles and their atoms, even though TIME is an existing “intangible” and “immaterial” element of spatial being, a constantly flowing material and immaterial aspect that defines our life or which we define by our lifestyle, so the human body itself is also tangible and material evidence of the confirmation of the existence of time and its difference, and the speed of the passage of time, even for beings of the same age born on the same day or minute or second. And basically two people going on the same journey in the same means of transport perceive time differently since, when you reach the destination, nothing is ever concurrent or identical, in terms of the distribution of pressure, temperature, and the force of gravity alone! So don’t forget that the key to controlling time is temperature and pressure, both in the space around us and in our body, gravitational force as well as the related speed of the movement of particles in general, and what’s crucial for our conscious and unconscious mind is primarily the engagement of the mind, both physically and psychologically and vice versa.

The very same temperature, pressure, and gravitational force then determine time in terms of the speed of the duration of huge fluctuations of weather and apocalypses, differently in each individual part of the planet, depending on this planet’s most important tool, i.e. the Gulf Stream and its flow. The speed of flow is hard to prove but, thinking logically and taking into account that the higher the temperature the higher the speed, what is logical is that the Gulf Stream slows down in regions where there is the greatest influx of cold water, i.e. where glaciers melt the most. As to the content, whether this is salt or fresh water, I don’t think this effects the speed of flow as much as the volume (pressure) and temperature of the water do.

All that’s left to do is to get a grip and think of all this subconsciously and be aware of it, as well as to collectively and individually exert some influence and extend the life on this planet EARTH for the future generation, not to mention that we get rid of the fear that one day we’ll find ourselves in an ice age or that one day we’ll end up “on Mars all of a sudden”, since I don’t know if you’re aware of this but all nuclear power plants are a threat and a time bomb in terms of seismic waves and their consequences in regards to deviating from the golden mean, culminating in dysfunctionality in respect to mutuality, i.e. correlation of the smallest particles, atoms! 


Protecting space and time

Now you see and understand the importance of protecting space and time, mainly in the form of reducing the load on the whole planet, be it in the form of demolishing old unused buildings or lowering the production of synthetically made mass to prevent the accumulation of huge amounts of clothes and unused mass such as toys, electronics, and old furniture, also so that people get rid of unnecessary things they no longer use in households in the form of selling or bartering. The industrial revolution affected global warming to a greater extent by burdening the planet in terms of centripetal force, as well as releasing chemical elements into the atmosphere during production. Before, natural things used to enter the cycle of constantly changing states from creation to destruction and it worked quite nicely, but after synthetic substances were discovered to multiply matter, it got out of the population’s control and soon the matter will suffocate or burn us, not to mention the disruption and destruction of biodiversity by using synthetic substances in incorrect ratios considering the chemical reactions after, plus chemical spraying and other such substances used by the human population have catastrophic consequences, even if nature tries to adapt as much as it can. What’s important to mention is also the need to reduce the production and sale of vehicles and give priority to the production of electric engines.

Contraception is an interesting discovery to unburden the planet, why? Basically, after using contraception people arrived at a chemical process where contraceptive atoms disrupted the atoms of the chromosomes of being and caused mutations and which caused a lower birth rate and a higher % of same-sex oriented people being born (there will be more and more of them), be it as a result of getting off contraception and subsequently becoming pregnant and giving birth, or indirectly, that is from drinking water in the form of drinking or in the form of hygienic purposes, since contraception has stabilised because it’s a substance that cannot be removed from the cycle of chemical processes and it also affects other living beings of our evolution. But trust that over the years this contraception saved us overall load mass and time until the arrival of this apocalyptic era of our population.

Bisexuality as a modern invention? Or a fact of mutating chromosomes only to such an extent that when there’s contact between the same sex with the same atoms of chromosomes and other atoms we’re equally attracted as when there’s contact between the opposite sex with the same atoms of chromosomes and other atoms required for this. So don’t worry about going crazy? No, you’re not going crazy because it’s a fact of mutation both of male and female atoms of chromosomes forming bonds according to identical atoms of chromosomes and other atoms.

For that reason, I think it’s right to finally give same-sex-attracted people from all over the world equal rights and allow them to adopt children so that not even people are afraid to admit their sexual orientation and force themselves to form heterosexual relationships, which produce suffering children due to the suffering of the parents and in most cases will end in divorce, with the child struggling in the early stages of development in part because of the missing member of their family and their crucial chemical reactions during development, which is a part of family chemical processes that bind the family. I don’t see the logic behind destroying the lives of multiple people as a result of selfishness of shame, caused primarily by incorrect collective thinking which will result in a similar chemical process affecting the psychology of the child as it would that of a child living in a children’s home where the situation is even worse, as the chemical processes of both parents are missing. I also don’t believe that surrogate motherhood is a solution, for homosexuals and heterosexuals, because it’s a huge intrusion on the child’s psychology and development in terms of chemical actions and reactions, since the child loses their mother immediately, and from a spatial perspective loses the living matter of crucial chemical processes, affecting the child’s further development during the key stages of growth.

Due to the operation of fountains, there are further impacts on Earth’s surface, increasing the pressure, even at similar rates of repetition, 24 hours a day in certain places, not to mention wasting drinking water.

Also in regards to environmental protection, I should mention the negative effect of overly high-frequency sound waves, as well as the pressure they leave behind. Speaking of waves, sea voyages further stimulate sea currents and waves, exerting pressure not only on Earth’s core and temperature and the chemical processes of the core but also on dry land where there are huge cities full of people and huge high-rises and where waves hit and pressures of different intensities occur, having an even greater effect on Earth’s core, global warming, and gravity than we previously thought, which is why they’re facing greater danger (such as earthquakes, tidal waves, and other natural disasters). Cities are under the greatest threat since here the impact of waves comes mostly from oceans with the dry land itself being impacted because the recoil, induced by the pressure caused by cities, repels the wave but it comes back much larger and more intensely if there are conditions ideal for such a process, that’s why the US West Coast and the coast of South-East Asia are in the greatest danger, but also the tidal waves can create other chemical processes too, regardless of the strength of the wave’s rebounding from the land, what I actually have in mind is an increased pressure on the core and the causing of other chemical actions and reactions causing earthquakes or tidal waves far from that land, which ultimately still induces a reaction producing further action, and this will find the place where it was produced thanks to the interconnected chemical processes I already mentioned. Modifying water transport would definitely help so that ships heading downstream would have their engines turned off and use them only when necessary and, also, sailboats should be given priority when producing and choosing recreational water transport, and inland regions should be built up too.

We should talk about a basic process of our nature, and that is photosynthesis, a biochemical process of capturing the energy of sunrays and using it to fixate carbon dioxide in green plants and certain prokaryotes, producing carbohydrates (the stronger the rays, the stronger the carbohydrates – sugars, as energy). It’s a way to assimilate carbon dioxide. To save space, we should pay attention to protecting existing nature and its biodiversity so that the rate of global warming is reduced and there are sufficient tools to process solar energy because, in sandy regions, sunrays are also reflected, albeit to a smaller extent, burning everything around since there’s nothing to capture them and thus at night they cause huge fluctuations of temperatures compared to the day, and once deserts are formed in multiple places it will also be an irreversible process in terms of human action. Also in respect to photosynthesis, I should mention the solar energy processed by plants in the form of carbohydrates and sugars, which supply many living beings with energy, directly in the plant or indirectly by being consumed by another living being, but what needs to be kept in mind here is that, as a result of global warming, the energy in plants and thus in beings will increase as well, causing further acceleration. As we know, acceleration shortens the lifespan of everything, so in the case of global warming and a stronger photosynthesis, we find ourselves in an inevitable cycle once again, since the plants which would have lived longer now have a shorter lifespan due to increased temperature and stronger energies during photosynthesis, and there is nowhere to capture the energy from sunrays. The good news is that, if we adhere to the “too much of a good thing” principle and reduce the rate of global warming, we can get things under control.

Air traffic and its effect. Air traffic affects global warming also in the sense that, due to friction and heat, there is pressure propping up the plane at high altitudes (encroachment on gravity), causing further pressure and dispersion of chemical elements towards the ozone layer, and causing it to be easier to reach and destroy, more than other means of transport, which is why there should be only intercontinental and long flights, while rail transport should be the primary means of transport on land. 

In regards to protecting time and space, we must also mention the second greatest enemy of global warming, and that is the digital revolution. I direct your attention to protective measures against electro smog, i.e. electromagnetic radiation. People should be careful about turned-on and plugged-in household appliances and other electronics and if they can should acquire means to reduce or, rather, neutralise this electro smog. The amount of shared and stored data should also be reduced and the entire IT space cleaned because, just like every single thought is made up of atoms, whether articulated or not, so is data made up of atoms, whether shared or not, carried by electromagnetic waves or not. You may think it’s just a few households but on the global spectrum of the digital revolution, in terms of the number of human beings creating and sharing data online all over the world and the number of households and electric appliances, it really is the second biggest enemy of global warming. But we also need to mention industrial power lines producing electromagnetic radiation. Limiting the use of industrial electric power lines (street lighting / factories) is also a tool to slow down global warming and unburden the planet, so far we’ve been forced into it by the energy crisis but it would be better to do it purposefully and tactically. In conclusion, a general change in people’s lifestyle and a reduction in animal production would help us slow down global warming, also in terms of improving biodiversity and photosynthetic processes, not to mention the good feeling people get if they change the form of their lifestyle, as they say “healthy body, healthy mind”, not to mention the sense of attractiveness which has a beneficial effect on the body in the form of the production of endorphins (happiness hormones). It’s a win-win great feeling about oneself in terms of health, productivity in the sense of getting results better and more easily, and in terms of appearance. Also, it’s a great feeling towards nature, that we’re protecting it through ourselves.     



Chapter 3




Now that we’ve clarified all the objective facts preventing us from

living a safe, healthy, and happy life, 

it’s time for us to focus on individuals and the subjective facts which prevent 

them from living a full, harmonious life.


Right from the get-go I’d like to point out that the first step towards removing subjective facts is to understand the fundamentals of human existence and the related correct setting of human psychology, which can then further build the healthy chemistry of human physics. 


Fundamentals of human existence


The explanation, fundamentals of human existence, is the very make-up of the human body, which can be divided into the chemical and anatomical make-up of the human body.

  1. The chemical model of the make-up of the human body consists of:
  • water;
  • glycogen;
  • fat reserves;
  • proteins;
  • minerals (Ca, P, Mg, Cl, Fe, Cu etc.);
  • and other substances.


  1. The anatomic model of the make-up of the human body consists of:


  • muscles;
  • bones;
  • fat;
  • the rest (other organs).





By understanding the composition of the structure of the body and the fact that, initially, there was the chemical make-up of the body which, over time, formed the anatomical make-up of the structure of the body, we will also understand the evolution of our health and that genes themselves don’t cause diseases, not even when we inherit bad genes, they only activate or manifest themselves. A bad gene is a gene that consists of atoms which are in a relationship of mutual dysfunctionality, that is “outside the golden mean” and they are mutated and destroyed, causing diseases; their future depends on whether the mutation and destruction keeps being supported or if measures are taken to eliminate the mutation and destruction. Meaning that the activation and manifestation of bad genes depends on our lifestyle and diet, that is on atoms which get inside our body during the conception of the foetus through the carrier of the foetus and the procreator of the foetus and also during the development of the foetus through the carrier, procreator, or a person who’s in intimate contact with the carrier of the foetus. You may be asking how? The procreator or the person who’s in intimate contact with the carrier of the foetus during the development of the foetus also forms, via their atoms, the immunity of the carrier of the foetus and of the foetus, that is, the chemical composition of the foetus during its further development. This chemical composition of the foetus then forms the anatomical composition of the foetus, which affects the further development of the foetus, so as you can see the factors are multiple and that, even if a person inherits “bad genes”, atoms still play a role since they can activate or deactivate a disease. 


By understanding the gene function on an atomic level, we can gradually work our way to the psychology to the mind of the human being, which is made up of invisible particles, of atoms in the form of thoughts, which are the result of the processing of the atoms of external and internal factors by the foetus’s control unit, i.e. the atoms of reason. When the atoms of external and internal factors are processed correctly with the atoms of reason, there is a correlation, the functionality of which depends on the fundamentals. The fundamentals behind the processing of the atoms of external and internal factors are formed via the gradual genetic development of the foetus’s control unit, that is, reason, as well as the fundamentals behind the processing of the atoms of external and internal factors by other organs of the human body. This means that the development of the fundamentals behind the processing of the atoms of external and internal factors, by reason and by other organs of the human body, which are ultimately the most dependent on reason, depends on the intensity of the external and internal factors to which the foetus and, after birth, the human body are exposed.

Now that we understand all this, we can see that everything is in our body first, then in our minds, made up of thoughts, controlling our reason, our body ending in our actions or omissions, and we also understand that the development of our children’s health is in our hands until they learn to read and read this book and assume full control of themselves.

I view LOVE as the easiest comparison to help us to understand the atomic function of the psychological and physical body in terms of chemical composition, since most of the population has had the opportunity to encounter it and feel its effects. If chosen correctly, atoms of love built us and provided us with energy and, if chosen incorrectly, atoms of love robbed us of our energy and destroyed other atoms in our body. The same goes for choosing food. If chosen correctly, atoms of a particular food keep us healthy, build our body, provide us with energy and keep the existence of the human being in the golden mean. Once we understand how a being functions through love, we’ll be best equipped to understand how our health works, as well as the wonderful effects of the food pharmacy.


For love to form between two individuals, you need chromosomal atoms to correlate. Why? Because love is a chemical action and reaction in a person’s body on an atomic-chromosomal level which, when in correlation, then creates a link of collective immunity – the aura of one individual possessing collective immunity with the aura of another individual. Collective immunity – an individual’s aura consists of psychological immunity – mental health and physical immunity – physical health of the individual, which are mutually dependent. For love to form, it isn’t enough for chromosomal atoms to correlate; you need a subsequent correlation of the other atoms which form our individual collective immunity – an aura with atoms making up individual collective immunity – the aura of another individual. Simply put, for love to form, the correlation or mutuality of all atoms making up our being is required, and the sense of your other half’s genuineness depends on the intensity of the mutuality. This means that you definitely have the experience of there being a correlation between visual atoms and atoms of your imagination regarding the appearance of your dream other half, but after many meetings there was no further correlation because the connection and mutuality had nowhere to go via chemical actions and reactions, not even after being intimate, but it’s also necessary to pay attention to contradictory cases. 

The change in chemical actions and reactions of atoms during dating depends on the visible, tangible, and also invisible intangible atoms that make up our physical body. The make-up of tangible and visible atoms depends on our lifestyle, that is, on what we eat and drink, what we wear, what kind of cosmetics we use, since they form part of the chemical composition of our anatomic body. So if you like a person and get along, atomic mutuality works in such a sense that, with frequent intimate meetings, you will receive the atoms of the other person’s physical body, fuelling further actions and reactions and deepening your love and dependency on the other person. Likewise, the change in chemical actions and reactions depends, as I have already said, on the individual atoms of the psyche, on the way we think, how we get along, what we pursue in life, what our shared interests and goals are. You see, for something to connect and build through love there must be a chemical action and reaction of visible and invisible atoms of the human body. After being connected with love, atoms that aren’t in correlation adapt ex post, you’ve certainly noticed yourselves what kinds of things love does to a person. In fact, if you aren’t aware of the facts and don’t control yourself, love can not only change, but also destroy, a person because after successful actions and reactions which create mutuality, the person starts becoming dependent on the other person, depending not only on the chemical composition of the other person and the physical atoms that correspond with their own and make up the mutuality, but also on psychological atoms in their various forms, be they the expressed thoughts of the other person or positive experiences stored as thoughts and identical to the other person’s thoughts, creating the same mutuality as physical atoms do.

How can a person consciously control love? The only way to control it is to be aware of how the human body functions as a whole, and that everything’s in our hands, based on the action-reaction atomic foundation, and that by preventing actions and reactions in the event of insecurity, we prevent further processes leading to dependency. In the end, you’ll find that love can be built consciously, that is, safely under control and within the boundaries you set, as well as unconsciously, i.e. unsafely, with no control over yourself, and with dependency forming.

Ideally, you should find the golden mean because, for a being to have a suitable environment for change, regeneration and healing, what is required in terms of mental and physical health is also psychological safety and security, which can be provided to us only by family and a good family environment built through the correlation of atoms of its members and by love.

If we’re able to think about all this and connect it to our own personal experience, then through love, which needs the mutuality of billions of atoms in order to form and which results in a dependence on a human being, we can now also understand dependence on atoms, or correct and incorrect forms of nutrition, where the process of dependence formation or elimination isn’t as complicated. We can also recognise our good or bad mental habits and can start acting against them, and gradually convert them to the atoms required by our current situation and stay dependent on them under the umbrella of the golden mean. With a conscious intake of correct atoms and for the purposes of acceptance, dependence is created not only in the form of healing, but also, gradually, in our psychological habits.

Now that we’ve clarified all these facts, we need to realise that the path to strong health leads first through the psyche and nourishment, and only then through exercise. Once you’re healed or lose weight thanks to a diet and light physical activity, such as walking or power walking, we can focus on the physiology of the skeletal and locomotor system. Once you have proper posture in general and are able to perform physical activities or other sports, you will be able to build not only your health, but also the physiology of the skeletal and locomotor system and the shape of your strengthened figure. 

Food as medicine

As I mentioned in the introduction to the fundamentals of human existence, the key factor in combating viral or bacterial disease is psychology and nourishment, but in the case of nourishment primarily blood sugar levels, a fast metabolism, and properly chosen medicine in the form of food. Since too much blood sugar can cause inflammation and reduce the function of white blood cells and, in general, the immune system, which is responsible for the correct functioning of the human body, a slow metabolism takes a long time to process and digest food as medicine.

Currently, or more precisely in our post-Covid-19 era and the era of “hereditary disease” or, rather, “bad genes”, it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a long-term healthy diet. This means maintaining healthy dietary habits that provide vital nourishment, boost the metabolism, and keep blood sugar and body weight under control. In this regard, maintaining the right blood sugar levels is essential in lowering the risk of complicated viral or bacterial diseases, because high blood sugar can lead to inflammation and thus weaken the function of white blood cells and, in general, the immune system, which is responsible for the correct functioning of the human body.

After studying numerous professional articles by various physicians from all over the world, I decided to publish my FOODPHARMACY LIFESTYLE PROGRAMME, the golden mean aiming to keep blood sugar levels low and prevent the organism from being burdened with long digestive processes, which further weaken the immunity, as well as to provide the body with the maximum amount of right natural atoms in the form of food pharmacy, thus preventing further mutation and destruction of the atoms of genes. I divided this golden mean programme into three sections – nutrition, sport, and regeneration.                          

The FOODPHARMACY LIFESTYLE PROGRAMME doesn’t guarantee successful treatment, every disease is very individual and dependent on many factors, both external and internal. It’s an example of a healthy lifestyle, of proper metabolic function and a strong immune system. Since every individual in the world has not only a different appearance, but also metabolic, immune, or liver function and other organ functions or properties, I would like to WARN every individual before they adopt this lifestyle, i.e. the FOODPHARMACY LIFESTYLE PROGRAMME, to recognise that they specifically assume RESPONSIBILITY and, at the same time, by a specific demonstration of will, i.e. starting to use the programme, confirm that they have received professional knowledge, i.e. that they consulted a relevant doctor or expert in the area on the nature of the proposed programme and on its suitability for that particular patient, based on an assessment, as well as on its possible consequences and risks (side effects).

Once the client specifically demonstrates will and thus meets the above-mentioned conditions, the AUTHOR of the FOODPHARMACY LIFESTYLE PROGRAMME disclaims legal LIABILITY, as well as RESPONSIBILITY for the accuracy for information in the articles related to this programme. By using the FOODPHARMACY LIFESTYLE, you accept the risk that the information may be incomplete or inaccurate or not in line with your needs, requirements or expectations, or may not deliver results in your preferred timeframe.


I’d like to start by showing you my sample eating plan which doesn’t list the weight of individual macronutrients, because there is no number that would correctly determine how many grams need to be received from individual macronutrients, because those are determined by multiple factors, such as age, gender, weight, physical exertion, etc. That’s why everyone has to adapt their eating plan to their lifestyle. There are many websites online which calculate daily macronutrient needs depending on your goals, be it treatment, weight loss, malnourishment, or building muscle mass.

A sample chart with approximate numerical values of individual nutrients:


0.8–2.0 g

1 kg of body weight


2.0–7.0 g

1 kg of body weight


0.8–1.2 g

1 kg of body weight


0.35–0.55 g

1 kg of body weight

Nutrients are organic substances vital for any living organism because they provide it with energy and building blocks which are crucial for its nourishment and development. Nutrients can be classified as macro- or micronutrients, depending on how many nutrients the human body needs. 

Macronutrients are used by the body in large amounts, they include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They supply people with enough energy to sustain vital functions. Water can also be classified as a macronutrient, but usually isn’t because it doesn’t provide the body with nourishment, energy or essential components.               

Micronutrients, unlike macronutrients, don’t provide the organism with energy, but are necessary components to ensure proper metabolic function. They primarily include vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium), and trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese). Even if the body only needs them in small amounts, they still play a crucial rule in nourishment. Without them, the growth process, energy production, and many other functions wouldn’t occur in the body.

You can read up on macronutrients and their daily dosage in other articles, and on the fitness social site (“”), which details the individual macronutrients.

The next section of this article includes my sample eating plan and notes where I’ll try to explain it as briefly as possible.

Sample eating plan

Before breakfast

04:00–6:00 a.m.

A cup of pure water every day.

Lemonade – a juiced lemon with H2O (300 ml or 10 fl oz.), 3 times a week or if needed every day, at any time during the day. Can cause issues when consumed on an empty stomach, depending on the previous day’s food intake.

Coffee / matcha tea / green / black or any other tea as needed, depending on the issue being addressed. Can be hard on an empty stomach, no issues if honey (natural sugar) is added. Lemon can be added and the tea drunk instead of lemonade.

06:00–8:00 a.m.


Sugar-free muesli + vegetable-type yoghurt + dried fruits with no added sugar

Sugar-free granola + vegetable-type yoghurt + raspberries

Rolled oats with fibre + vegetable-type yoghurt + blueberries

Spelt flakes + vegetable-type yoghurt + grapes

Healthy bread / biscuits + hummus or a vegetarian or vegan spread + vegetables

  • 1 teaspoon of 100% powdered cocoa 2–3 times a week or as needed
  • 1–2 times a week an animal-type yoghurt (white yoghurt) or bread with cow butter instead of a spread.  
  • If you’re doing intense sports or strenuous physical activities or if you’re trying to build muscle mass, it’s recommended that you increase your protein intake. In this case, yoghurt can be replaced with protein yoghurt, and bread with protein bread so that the body has enough building blocks to regenerate after a period of stress, exhaustion or damage.

09:00–11:00 a.m.


Chia seeds + fruit + vegetable-type milk or water

Flax or hemp seeds, crushed + fruits + vegetable-type milk or water

Peanut or any other butter + fruits + vegetable-type milk or water

  • Ideally, make a smoothie and let it soften. 
  • If you’re doing intense sports or strenuous physical activities or if you’re trying to build muscle mass, it’s recommended that you increase your protein intake, in this case you can add (vegetable/animal) protein so that the body has enough building blocks to regenerate after a period of stress, exhaustion or damage.

12:00–2:00 p.m.


Mixed salad with wild rocket + meat (small amount and switch up types) + mixed vegetables

Mixed salad with spinach + fish (fresh/saltwater) also switch up types + mixed vegetables

Mixed salad with kale or sour kale or mixed pickles + eggs + mixed combination 

  • Add a mixture of salad seeds and enough salad oil, either olive, poppy seed, sesame, macadamia, flax, hemp, or pumpkin oil.

5:00–7:00 p.m.


Mushroom and vegetable cous cous or bulgur (switch up types, whole grain / spelt / etc.)

Mushroom and vegetable potatoes, sweet potatoes, wheat, pasta, or risotto (switch up types, whole grain / spelt / etc. / also switch up types of rice)

  • If you’re doing intense sports or strenuous physical activities or if you’re trying to build muscle mass, you need to eat a complex meal in the form of meat and a side, with mixed vegetables. As needed and depending on your exertion, add (vegetable/animal) protein or other dietary supplements.

8:00–10:00 p.m.


Tofu + avocado or other healthy fats, such as nuts (cashew, walnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts) + mixed vegetables

Vegan meat + avocado or other healthy fats, such as nuts (cashew, walnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts) + mixed vegetables

  • If you’re doing intense sports or strenuous physical activities or if you’re trying to build muscle mass, you need to eat a complex vegetarian or vegan meal, with a side dish (to help your body process the animal products you’ve consumed throughout the day) and mixed vegetables. In the evening, add healthy fats, such as avocado, nuts, or seeds, etc.


I have tried to compile an eating plan that’s free of refined sugars and contains few carbohydrates because it’s important to maintain low blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are included in the breakfast and afternoon snack since it’s important to kick-start metabolic processes with the first meal and the body needs a quick source of energy after a night’s sleep and regeneration. You eat healthy fats for the first snack as they provide you with a long-lasting source of energy. You can eat meat, fish, and eggs for lunch to have enough energy for the rest of the day. Throughout the afternoon (every hour) switch between combinations of fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats, depending on the type of organ and disease. For an afternoon snack, have a meal rich in carbohydrates to finish digesting the harder-to-digest animal products, and also have medicinal mushrooms. The last meal contains easily digestible proteins to promote the digestion of the medicinal matter, or rather the necessary atoms, you’ve consumed throughout the day and to improve regeneration, as well as healthy fats to supply the body with enough energy through the night, during regenerative, i.e. medicinal, processes. Ideally, your plan should be designed in such a way as to make sure you consume carbohydrates after a period of physical exertion, if any. The scheduling is approximate and meal times vary from person to person, but you always need to start with breakfast. Occasionally failing to adhere to the plan is better than giving up on it altogether.

Try eating enough fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats between individual meals. In the morning, have sugar-rich fruit, such as bananas, mango, pears, or apples. Leave the types of fruit with a low sugar content, such as grapefruits, pomelos, or oranges, for the afternoon. 

When talking about blood sugar levels, we should also mention the glycaemic index, since high glycaemic index foods contain sugar, which is quick to break up and absorb, significantly increasing blood glucose and insulin levels, and as a result you get hungry again sooner. While foods that are rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar often have a high glycaemic index and are quicker to digest, foods rich in protein, fats, or fibre usually have a low glycaemic index. Carbohydrate-free foods have no glycaemic index. These include meats, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and oils.

Different types of fruit are a medicine and a source of fast (short-lasting) energy, depending on the amount of carbohydrates by type (sugar after ripening) which the body converts to energy or stores as fat if not utilised.

Nuts, seeds (chia, flax, hemp, sunflower), oils, and avocado are a medicine and a source of healthy fats, i.e. slow energy (long-lasting) the body converts to energy at a slower pace, considering their complexity, or stores as fat if not utilised.

Vegetables are more of a medicine than an energy source considering their lower carbohydrate content by type (sugars after ripening) and higher content of natural substances.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, cereals, and rice are a medicine as well as a source of quick energy considering their sufficient carbohydrate content by type (sugar after ripening), which the body quickly converts to energy or stores as fat if not utilised.

With these elements, you can provide your body with energy and coordinate it most quickly, as well as provide it with natural medicine. Due to evolution and many mutations, many people can no longer digest fruits, healthy fats, or vegetables on their own and must supplement these with other carbohydrates or fats.

As you can see, a preference is given to eggs, fish, and vegetable sources of protein. Meat isn’t included at all since it takes 6 to 8 hours to digest and the organism shouldn’t be burdened with such long processes. Instead, the body requires a constant supply of energy and medicine in the form of food throughout the whole organism, especially while healing. But if you’re done healing and don’t need your metabolism to be so fast, you can slowly add meat into your diet as you need or if you’re used to a regular intake of meat, then you can definitely have any meat you like for lunch. In fact, a study on mice showed that once a person is done fasting and resumes meat consumption, their immune system, previously suppressed by chemotherapy, is quickly restored. CAREFUL, though, it looks like during the fasting period the immune function is disrupted and the elderly in particular may not see as many benefits from fasting and resuming meat consumption as younger people do. This information is very important because long-term, disrupted fasting and resumed meat consumption may boost your immune system, but while you’re being treated, the immediate risk of weakened immunity is higher than usual, which is why it might not be the best time to experiment with fasting, since the process may temporarily supress your immune system, and therefore you should have both meat and fish, as well as eggs, for lunch, especially if you tend to consume excess amounts of meat.

As such, the eating plan is general and usually includes a selection of types of macro- and micronutrients because we all require a different intake of calories (energies) and nutritional values, as well as different medicine for each disease. And that’s why it’s important to eat as varied a diet as possible and, when calculating individual macro- and micronutrients, to listen to your body and not rely solely on the calculations. Every single meal is medicine in a way and it’s very important to supply your body with important substances through a natural diet and in the form of the “natural medicine” which surrounds us, even if we can’t recognise it. Below, you can read up on natural medicines and their content of medicinal substances, as well as their role in treating individual diseases.

During regenerative healing processes, as well as after sports activities, it’s important not only to have an accelerated metabolism and supply your body with food as medicine, but also to keep in mind the condition of the natural environment, where the body is best able to restore destroyed atoms, primarily during relaxation and sleep when the body isn’t exposed to other factors and can fully concentrate on the unnatural environment of destroyed atoms, which need to be shifted into a natural environment via restoration. A horizontal position during healing and regenerative processes is crucial in the sense that the body isn’t exposed to such a pressure as when positioned vertically, as caused by gravity, depending on weight, which is also the pressure of the Earth, Sun, the moon, as we stated when talking about global warming. The right amounts of healing atoms are then best able to reach any part of the body, wherever they’re needed. That our body pressure is related to gravity and our weight is evident in the fact that when our pressure drops we can’t remain standing, but collapse, as well as the heavier our weight, the higher pressure we need in order to keep the body in the vertical position. There are few diseases which are better treated in the vertical position. They’re mostly pulmonary, where destroyed atoms and atoms which cause issues are best removed from the body by means of coughing, i.e. via pressure. 

Natural sources of vitamins

Aß-Carotenelycopene – meat, eggs, carrots, spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli                                                                               B1 – meat, tuna, whole grains, rolled oats, legumes, nuts, sprouts
B2 – meat, fish, eggs, whole grains, cocoa and nuts, shiitake and field mushrooms, soya
B3 – lean meat, fish, eggs, baked goods, potatoes
B5 – meat, fish, grains, legumes, yeast, oats, soya, sunflower seeds
B6 – salmon, tuna, kale, legumes, potatoes, bananas, whole grains, soya beans
B7 – soya beans, egg yolks, nuts, rolled oats, spinach, field mushroom, lentils, cauliflower 
B9 – leafy vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, grapes, whole grains, soya                                                                      
B12 – meat, fish, eggs, fermented cabbage, spinach                                                                                                                                              C – bell pepper, broccoli, black currants, rosehips, gooseberries, fennel, citrus fruits, potatoes, kale, spinach, tomatoes
D – mackerel, herring, salmon, shrimp, oyster, egg yolk, mushrooms
E – sunflower and rapeseed oil, almonds and hazelnuts, wheat sprouts, kale, spinach, leafy vegetables, meat (especially beef and pork)
K – leafy vegetables, lamb, eggs, cereals, legumes, mangos, kiwi, raspberries


Health, medical effects of individual fruits, vegetables, nuts, and mushrooms

Health effects of individual types of fruit

Lemon – boosts immunity and helps to reduce LDL cholesterol in the liver, treats bladder and kidney infections, slows down tumour growth, and accelerates the healing of wounds and burns, prevents allergies and asthma, improves the condition of the muscles, bones, ligaments, and skin, detoxifies the organism, eliminates the side effects of medical drugs, and binds heavy metals.

Oranges – thanks to the high content of vitamins and selenium, they boost immunity, the calium and magnesium cleanses the organism, they are a source of vitamin C, they reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and strengthen the capillaries, they help with infections, chills, flu, inflammations and skin diseases, dizziness.

Bananas – contain tryptophanes, an excellent anti-depressant with a positive effect on mood; high in magnesium and potassium. Eating a banana or two improves your mood and helps you to fall asleep.

Pineapple – high in enzymes, mainly bromelain. These enzymes promote healing, soothe inflammation, and improve digestion. Pineapples boost the burning of fats and prevent the formation of fatty tissues, remove excess water from the body and alleviate swelling, help with intestinal diseases and diarrhoea, remove pigmentation patches, and increase the amount of proteins in the organism. 

Grapefruits – rich in vitamin C, contain beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in the organism, promoting youthfulness and protecting against infections. Grapefruits help with digestive, liver, and kidney issues, infections, or fever, and cleanse the blood.

Pomelo – reduces high blood cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on anaemia as it promotes iron absorption. An antioxidant, it has a positive effect on free radicals, improves digestion, and is recommended as a preventative measure against “common” issues such as a cough, respiratory congestion, or flu.

Apples – high in potassium, up to 30% fibre, regenerate and cleanse the organism, reduce the levels of blood cholesterol and sugar.

Pears – contain primarily calcium, phosphorus, and fast-digesting carbs. Their medical effects are harnessed when treating urinary stones and high blood pressure. When baked or boiled they are used to treat coughs and shortness of breath. A brew from dried pears is used to treat diarrhoea. Pears cleanse the gut, and eliminate constipation and other digestive issues. 

Strawberries – contain manganese, which works as an aphrodisiac, boost the metabolism, and provide vitamins E and C, which bind free radicals. Strawberries help to detoxify the organism, help with arteriosclerosis, promote liver, kidney, and urinary function, reduce rheumatism and joint inflammation, and regulate high blood pressure.

Plums – contain calcium and phosphorus, strengthening the bones and helping with digestion. Plums provide useful amounts of fibre and iron, help to detoxify the organism, and combat fatigue, mental exhaustion, liver and kidney issues, anaemia, constipation, and arteriosclerosis.

Apricots – contain folic acid, pantothenic acid, and beta-carotene, facilitating cell regeneration and slowing down the ageing process.

Grapes – contain, for example, folic acid, pigments, minerals, and trace elements. In terms of minerals, they have a high content of potassium, which helps to remove waste matter, improves the hearth rhythm, and helps us to think clearly. The fibre contained in the peel promotes gut function. Grapes regenerate the upper layers of the skin, and alleviate gallstones and kidney stones. Since they have a diuretic effect, they help to flush out harmful substances. Grapes reduce the acidity of gastric juices, and reduce fatigue and depression.

Blueberries – contain vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B6, folic acid, minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium, and high amounts of beta-carotene. They are effective antioxidants, as implied by their purplish blue colour, protect the immune system and body cells against free radicals, boost resistance to infections, help to prevent heart disease, maintain a healthy vascular system, clean the blood, rejuvenate the organism, provide vital energy, regenerate eye pigmentation and improve eyesight in poor lighting conditions, prevent flu, chills, and colds, help to flush out excess water, promote detoxification, fight infections and skin diseases, keep the skin and hair healthy, alleviate period pain and severe bleeding, and help the female body to deal with the climacteric.

Raspberries – contain lutein (antioxidant, pigment), fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper, selenium, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, E, K, beta-carotene, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. They boost the immune system and promote digestion (treat constipation and diarrhoea), are anti-septic (anti-inflammatory), effectively remove toxins from the organism, lower blood sugar and high blood pressure, and eliminate headaches (migraine).

Cranberries – contain a lot of antioxidants, proanthocyanidins, vitamins A, B, K, and C. They’re also rich in minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, omega 6 and omega 3 acids. They prevent urinary infections, kidney stones, combat cancer, keep the heart healthy, boost immunity, are good for oral hygiene, maintain healthy skin and hair, help to reduce weight, and treat acne.

Raisins – contain primarily vitamin C, E, and group B vitamins, as well as potassium and folic acid. They cleanse the body and keep the heart and blood vessels healthy. They prevent fat storage and improve the metabolism, promote kidney and lung function, prevent kidney stones, fight anaemia, and have an effect on the formation of new blood.

Dates – rich in potassium, vitamins A, B, copper, niacin, and iron, they promote freshness and concentration and kick-start the conversion of energy in body cells. They’re an ideal source of energy, important minerals, and certain vitamins during long runs and tourist hikes. They’re an effective sleep medicine since they contain an above-average amount of tryptophan amino acids, which the body converts into the melatonin sleep hormone.

Figs – rich in enzymes promoting digestion, antibacterial, contain fibre and a well-balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Due to their refreshing effect, they’re a highly sought-out food to fight anaemia. Their mucilage content makes them an excellent cough medicine.

Mangos – contain proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, fat, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, beta-carotene, folic acid and pantothenic acid. They’re rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, selenium, and sodium. They promote digestion and boost the metabolism, eliminate high LDL cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases. They’re a popular fruit for their detoxification abilities, strong anti-inflammatory effect, and soothing effect on the nervous system. They also benefit hair and nails and are recommended for ageing skin.

Avocados – rich in anti-oxidants and have anti-inflammatory effect, helping to fight rheumatism or osteoarthritis. With their combination of phytosterols and fats, they improve the absorption of nutrients soluble in fat (e.g. carotenoids), helping us acquire more of these from the food we consume. The lutein content has a beneficial effect on eyes and current research suggests that avocados might help to prevent cancer due to their unusual combination of anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory components. 

Olives – a source of vitamins A, E, and K, they contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iodine, iron, and phosphorus. Olives strengthen the heart, keep intestines healthy, prevent cancer, alleviate pain caused by inflammatory processes, boost the immune system, and reduce seasonal allergies.

Healthy effects of individual types of nuts

Walnuts – rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, and folic acid, they have a soothing effect and help with diabetes, intestinal parasites, nervous and urinary system diseases, arteriosclerosis, anaemia and general weakness of the body, vaginal discharge.

Cocoa – processed and pressed cocoa beans are considered to be a superfood with multiple benefits. In my view, the main and most interesting one is the content of minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, proper regulation of blood cholesterol, and improve the quality of cells and blood vessels. Another significant factor is cocoa’s content of the alkaline theobromine and, to a lesser extent, caffeine, which have an energising effect. Cocoa also contains vital serotonin, a neurotransmitter with a similar composition to tryptophan and melatonin, which have a significant effect on the central nervous system, as well as on muscle function, pleasantly pushing the organism towards better performance and, along with the aforementioned serotonin, generating a pleasant “soothing” effect.

Chia seeds – a source of proteins, fibre, antioxidants, minerals, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and iron, they’re rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamins B and C. Chia seeds are also a source of vegetable proteins. They have an antioxidising effect, which helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, improve memory and concentration, reduce the risk of diabetes, improve the heart and blood vessels, and promote proper liver, kidney, and gut function. Calcium from chia seeds is easier to absorb than calcium from milk, fighting osteoporosis. Antioxidants help to improve your skin’s elasticity, quality, and appearance.

Flax – rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, it primarily contains group B, E, and K vitamins, as well as copper, manganese magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc. Flax seeds promote digestion, prevent cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels, and improve memory.  

Cashew nuts – contain vitamins B, C, E, and K, minerals such as copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese selenium, iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Cashew nuts keep the heart healthy, help with diabetes, keep the blood vessels and nerves healthy, keep bones healthy, reduce the risk of gallstones, promote immunity, and help with weight loss.

Almonds – the healthiest of all types of nuts thanks to their ideal content of healthy fats, fibre, proteins, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins B and E. Vitamin B stimulates the metabolism while vitamin E is an elixir for our connective tissues. A great source of antioxidants, they protect cell membranes from damage, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent the harmful oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Para (Brazil) nuts – rich in selenium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese calcium, and zinc. Magnesium benefits muscles (and the heart), the nervous system, and performs certain metabolic functions. Phosphorus is vital for bones and teeth. Copper has a positive effect on thyroid function and protects tissues. Vitamin E is good for mature skin and recommended amounts of para nuts promote the growth of hair and have an effect on nail quality. Potassium is needed by all cells, tissues, and organs in order to function properly. There’s a high content of proteins, namely 18 amino acids, which form the basis of anyone’s diet but are especially important for athletes.

Peanuts – as legumes, they’re rich in proteins, contain vitamins B and E, amino acids, manganese phosphorus, manganese phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Peanuts help to maintain stable levels of blood sugar, improve brain function, keep the heart and skin healthy, promote the growth of muscles, and help with weight loss.

Macadamia nuts – contain calcium, iron, potassium, or selenium. This type of nut improves digestion, eliminates flatulence, nourishes cells and protects them from oxidative stress, supports the immune system, has a deoxidising effect on the liver and other organs, and a soothing effect on the nervous system, and strengthens nails, hair, and bones. 

Hazelnuts – a source of antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, manganese phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, copper, selenium, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They promote digestion, keep the hearth healthy, are good for muscles, protect against oxidative damage, prevent anaemia, improve the health of the nervous system, keep the bones, joints, and skin healthy, and improve your mental state and immunity.

Healthy effects of individual types of vegetables

Sweet potatoes – have a very high content of beta-carotene and are a source of carotenoid pigments, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which are important for eye health. They’re rich in potassium, which promotes heart function and maintains blood pressure. They also contain vitamin C and certain group B vitamins, have an antiseptic and detoxification effect, prevent lifestyle, cardiovascular, and neoplastic diseases, boost the immune system, and maintain blood sugar levels.  

Broccoli – promotes the metabolism, improves heart, muscle, and nerve function, and prevents cancer. Broccoli is rich in the anti-oxidising beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, folic acid, and iron.

Onion – contains a lot of zinc, vital for bone structure, as well as vitamins B, C, A, and E, and allicin, which can also be found in garlic. It has a natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates and aids the immune system, prevents arteriosclerosis and thrombosis, and boosts the immune system. Its red and green varieties contain compounds which reduce the risk of neoplastic diseases.

Garlic – has an anti-bacterial effect, is used to treat colds, sore throats, coughs, and respiratory issues, helps to expectorate, accelerates the division and activity of immune cells, lowers blood cholesterol, and reduces high blood pressure and sugar. It’s a natural antibiotic and antiseptic whose vapours destroy microbes. It disinfects the entrails, promotes peristaltis, softens the stool, restores the stability of gut microbiota, expels parasites, promotes the production of male and female hormones, and improves sexual potency. It’s rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.

Beetroot – a source of group B vitamins, as well as rare minerals and lipotropic substances, it contains iodine, and cobalt, and is recommended for liver and kidney disease. It boosts the organism and helps to treat flu and colds. It also contains anticancer substances.

Beans – contain lots of calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C and group B vitamins. They’re known for their high content of fibre, which has a beneficial effect on intestines. Dark, brown, or black beans help to treat kidney and urinary issues. Green beans help to treat liver disease. The medical effect is due to a high content of nucleic acids and proteins. Nucleic acids split into nucleotides in the intestines and are then carried by blood to cells, restoring, regenerating, and rejuvenating them.

Peas – have an anabolic effect when you’re doing sports or a fitness training. They stimulate the growth of cells, strengthen nerves, activate cell metabolism, strengthen hair and fibrous tissue, improve eye function, help with constipation, detoxify the organism, and reduce the level of blood cholesterol and fat.

Kale – prevents cancer thanks to its high content of vitamin C. It’s also a source of antioxidants and substances which improve the organism’s resistance to disease. Its ballast substances regulate digestion and stimulate a lazy bowel. 

Carrot – prevents lung cancer, lowers cholesterol, prevents constipation, helps with skin disease, hypoperfusion, and a weak organism. It’s rich in vitamins A, B, and C, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium. 

Spinach – contains beta-carotene and vitamin E, which catch free radicals. Spinach lowers blood pressure thanks to potassium, and due to its magnesium content fights muscle cramps. It’s a useful source of iron, as well as vitamins C, B1 and B2, iodine, calcium, and oxalic acid, which, however, binds calcium so you need to be careful about consuming it in high amounts, otherwise your organism might suffer from a calcium deficit.

Asparagus – rich in vitamin C and E, which improves visual acuity and suppresses skin ageing, heart issues, boosts libido, and effectively protects cells from attacks by free radicals. It’s a source of group B vitamins and folic acids. It also contains a lot of potassium and zinc, boosts the immune system and protects against inflammation. It activates the production of happy hormones and helps with sleep disorders. 

Lettuce – a source of folic acid and vitamin B, which improves brain function, memory, concentration, and sleep. It promotes digestion and liver function. 

Lentils – among plants, they’re among the richest in vitamins and minerals. They’re a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, C, E, K, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium, molybdenum, copper, calcium, zinc, iron, chromium, selenium, and manganese. Lentils help to build muscles, improve the body’s performance, help to prevent atherosclerosis, and help to keep your pregnancy healthy.

Tomatoes – rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. They promote appetite and slow down the growth of germs in the gastrointestinal tract, lower blood pressure thanks to their calium content, and help to treat various digestive disorders. 

Bell pepper – rich in vitamin C which neutralises free radicals and boosts immunity. Its content of beta-carotene strengthens cells. Bell peppers are a source of the natural substance capsaicin, which promotes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, slows down the ageing process, and protects against the Sun’s harmful effects on skin.

Wild rocket – accelerates healing and promotes healthy digestion. It detoxifies the organism, promotes and strengthens the immune function, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It prevents cancer. 

Cucumbers – a source of vitamins C and K, as well as potassium, magnesium, and manganese, and the peel is a source of vitamin A and silicon. They cleanse the intestines and promote the use of proteins in the organism, have a detoxification effect, boost the immune system and are an excellent antioxidant. They improve skin and hair, reduce eye issues, and help with heatstroke.

Ginger – helps to treat colds, flu, and coughs. Tea made from ginger root helps to expel mucus, strengthens the stomach, and helps with chills, sinusitis, bronchitis, and other pulmonary issues.

Celery – an important medicinal plant, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals. It neutralises free radicals thanks to its beta-carotene content, and thanks to calium regulates blood pressure and circulation. It’s also a source of potassium, which soothes nerves.

Potatoes – rich in vitamins C and B, they provide the body with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. The juice of fresh potatoes treats digestive issues, gallstones, liver issues, and gastritis. It also alleviates inflammation and promotes the healing of skin infections and injuries. When placed on the temples, slices of raw potato help with headache and migraine. They’re also great when put on cold sores.


Healthy effects of individual types of mushrooms

The most important group of medicinal substances contained in mushrooms is polysaccharides, which are thought to have the greatest anticancer effect. They can be found in almost all mushrooms, but their content is highest in shiitake. Polysaccharides greatly boost immunity since they contain immunoglucans. The anticancer effect of most mushrooms lies in the fact they significantly boost the activity of T-lymphocytes, or white blood cells, which then fight cancer cells much more effectively. There are even some mushrooms with a direct cytotoxic effect, meaning they directly eliminate cancer cells. They are, however, very rare and not much is known about them. They’re still being researched. If certain types of mushrooms can directly eliminate cancer cells, why exactly hasn’t there yet been any miracle cure to treat all types of cancer? Because the medicinal substances contained in mushrooms have a very complex structure and are among the most complex molecules that can be found in nature. What is a part of nature, nevertheless, is mushrooms with antiviral effects. These are antivirotics which can combat disease really effectively. For example, common field mushrooms contain substances which boost immunity significantly. The champignon, another popular mushroom, treats anaemia, has an anticancer and antibacterial effect, and is even recommended to prevent colon cancer and constipation. It promotes the development of bifidobacteria, suppresses bacteria of the Clostridium genus, prevents the development of Helicobacter pylori, which causes gastritis and promotes the formation of gallstones. It also promotes kidney function, prevents gout, and suppresses asthma and allergies. Even the oyster mushroom helps to treat multiple diseases. It works very well against obesity, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol levels, stiff muscles and joints, and is used to boost the immune system in general. It also helps to treat skin disease, skin allergies, eczema, and varicose veins.

Other healthy mushrooms and their effects:

Girolle – promotes digestion, improves vision, prevents cancer, and even treats respiratory and digestive issues. 

Bronze bolete – boosts spleen function, improves digestion, and promotes kidney function.

Porcino – treats cancer, numbness, and limb pain. It also treats sciatica.

Slippery jack – treats joint disease and has anticancer effects.

Honey fungus – boosts the immune system, treats insomnia and stiff shoulders. It’s also effective for neurasthenia. 


We’ve taken the first step, that is, we’ve either finished treatment or are in the process of being treated but allowed to do sports and we’ve achieved a body weight where there is no additional destruction of our body in the negative sense, not in the sense of destroying excess weight. Now I would like to refresh your memory regarding added daily walks and the basic movements of child’s psychomotor development, which we used to do as small children, before we first stood up.

While managing all these steps, the time has come to get the diaphragm moving by specific exercises and start adopting proper posture when doing individual activities and exercises under the umbrella of physical therapy or on your own, and only then add bodyweight exercise in a proper form, knowing that if gravity is able to destroy the physiology of the skeletal and locomotor system through recurrent bad posture during physical activity or inactivity, then “antigravity”, a conscious adjustment of the physiology of the skeletal and locomotor system due to a recurrent good posture during physical activity or inactivity, can do the opposite. By mastering all these basic steps, you will have a more interesting life and, if interested, do more sports. It’s important to set both short-term and long-term goals in sports and, in view of that, and based on other information you’ll read, choose your life journey.

It’s generally known that physical activity benefits the organism as a whole. This is confirmed by studies showing that those who are physically active suffer from the cold less than those who are physically inactive. How can this be? By engaging in physical activity, we provide our body with more oxygen and nutrients, allowing the whole cardiovascular and nervous system to function better.                                                                                                                                                

Some studies show that those doing recreational sports are more resistant to infections, viruses, or bacteria if they do sports at a medium intensity level and regularly. How can this be? While doing mild regular exercise, i.e. for 15–60 minutes 3 or 4 times a week at 40% to 60% of VO2max, immunity cells travel faster in the body and are better equipped to destroy bacteria and viruses. It’s important to exercise regularly, otherwise the immune system will go back to “normal” relatively soon.

These claims, however, don’t apply, for example, to elite athletes because other studies show that athletes who “overtrain” tend to suffer from infections more than others. The reason lies in long-lasting intense training sessions (more than 5 times a week at more than 80% of VO2max), which are a part of top or performance sports, as well as insufficient regeneration, which can lead to immunity debt, thus lowering the individual’s immunity. How does this happen? After physical exertion, there’s a short transitionary period during which our immunity is weakened. This is called the “open window”, which can last anywhere from 3 to 12 hours, depending on the duration and intensity of the exertion. 

If regeneration isn’t sufficient and the individual’s immunity is repeatedly suppressed, a so-called “open window overlap” may occur, thus significantly reducing the organism’s resistance and resulting in immunosuppression. Immunosuppression refers to an organism’s reduced ability to respond to a stimulus by producing antibodies.

As you can see, definitely be physically active, but it’s important to stick to common sense and keep in mind that now is not the ideal time to start a new high-intensity workout programme. If you’ve already been “enjoying” a high-intensity workout programme, you might want to consider reducing the frequency or intensity by a few per cent. And if you’re already feeling the symptoms of a disease, then definitely don’t burden your weakened organism by working out because, when you’re ill, working out places an additional strain on the immune system.

My list of weekly physical activities:

  • 5 x yoga or stretching;
  • 3-4 x anaerobic bodyweight training outside/inside or traditional workouts at a gym; 
  • 2 x aerobic training (bicycling, powerwalking, walking uphill, powerwalking uphill, skipping rope).

It may seem like a lot at first, but it’s not, primarily because YOGA doesn’t weaken immunity. On the contrary, it strengthens it. A yoga lesson consists of physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and relaxation. These methods have a positive effect on the release of physical and mental stress and tension, promote resistance to stress factors, strengthen weak muscles, the spine becomes more flexible with regular exercise, and they prevent spinal pain. The breathing exercises cleanse the blood, strengthen the lungs and heart, harmonise the nervous system, and normalise blood pressure. Doing these techniques regularly and systemically has a very positive effect on the overall condition of our organism, and thus strengthens the immune system. When doing aerobic activities, you need to keep in mind that any aerobic activity is beneficial only when done reasonably. Exercise that’s too long and strenuous leads to excess production of the stress hormone cortisol, which increases the risk of injury and weakens the immunity.

I recommend reading: 

You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark to learn about bodyweight exercises.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding


The ability to regenerate depends on your individual performance level, gender, age, state of health, climate conditions, diet, and many other factors. Some individuals regenerate faster, others more slowly.

The regenerative processes of the human organism are very complex. Everyone needs to learn on their own what form of regeneration is the best for them.

Exercise damages the microstructure of muscles, which then need to be repaired via regeneration. This prevents overtraining and improves performance. And for our performance to improve, proper and sufficient regeneration is required.

SLEEP is one of the simplest, cheapest forms of regeneration. When we sleep, the growth hormone is produced, playing a key part in enhancing performance. Sleep is vital for health in general and, as a bonus, it can also boost our immune function. For example, one study showed that volunteers who were inoculated with the rhinovirus (a virus which can cause the cold) and slept fewer than seven hours a day were three times as likely to experience symptoms than those who slept more than eight hours a day. Again, the science may not be 100% accurate but, regarding health in general, sleeping properly doesn’t hurt, especially in our current times when we should stick to the principles of sleep hygiene.

What is sleep hygiene and what are its principles? Sleep hygiene is a set of rules we should follow to enjoy healthy sleep. The rules are as follows:

  1. If possible, at night go to sleep at the same time and in the morning get up at the same time (give or take 30 minutes). Don’t sleep in on the weekends or during a vacation.
  2. Don’t sleep during the day, even if you had a bad night. Keep in mind that taking an afternoon nap can make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. If you need an afternoon nap, don’t sleep for more than 30 minutes. A short nap is the most refreshing.
  3. On the other hand, you need to engage in physical activities, tire yourself out, and get rid of stress. But exercising before going to bed isn’t recommended!
  4. A few hours before going to sleep you should limit your fluid intake, refrain from drinking coffee, green tea, or Coke-type beverages, smoking, watching exciting movies, and eating heavy meals, ideally you should have your last meal 3 hours before going to bed. Alcohol increases the likelihood you’ll wake up! Drinking lavender, chamomile, or lemon balm tea helps you to fall asleep better. Avoid taking medicine that causes dependency.
  5. Before going to bed air out your bedroom thoroughly; the temperature should be around 18–21 °C.
  6. Before going to sleep, remove shining monitors, ticking clocks, and darken the bedroom thoroughly.
  7. It’s ideal to take an evening walk and warm bath before you plan to go to bed.
  8. Use your bed and bedroom only for sleep and sex and don’t turn it into an office. Don’t work or watch TV in there!
  9. Check any medicine you take to learn if it can cause sleep disorders.
  10. If you don’t fall asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed, get up and do some light activity. Ideally go back to bed only once you notice symptoms of sleepiness.

Other basic means of regeneration are FLUID INTAKE and FOOD. Post-workout meals are very important for replenishing your energy with quality carbohydrates, healthy fats, and good proteins, which activate regenerative processes in the body. The body is two thirds water. That’s why the human body should receive, via drinking, roughly 1.5 to 2.3 litres of water a day, and athletes should drink at least 4 litres a day. Additionally, the biochemical processes of our body can make water out of nutrients. The best type of water is natural table water and light mineral water. It’s very important to drink regularly. It’s not a good idea to drink a lot while eating because this complicates digestive processes and reduces the effectiveness of using energy from food. Ideally, have a drink right after waking up and then drink evenly throughout the day between individual meals, approximately 30 minutes before or after a meal.

Key regeneration methods include STRETCHING and RELEXATION EXERCISES. These are means of regeneration where every individual should find their own routine and include them after physical activities.

MASSAGES are a very pleasant and effective means of regeneration. They accelerate the regenerative process and improve your overall physical and mental state. They release muscle tension and improve joint mobility. But if your funds are limited, I recommend using a MASSAGE ROLLER, a useful tool to relax stiff muscles, strengthen the body, break up subcutaneous fatty tissues, and prevent cellulite. It also promotes muscle flexibility and improves circulation.

TAKING A SHOWER after physical exertion has essentially the same regenerative effect. By alternating between hot and cold water you have a simple yet very effective regenerative procedure. Thanks to cold water, the small vessels in the hypodermis contract to prevent excess loss of body heat, while hot water has the opposite effect, that is, the vessels expand. Alternating between hot and cold water strongly stimulates the circulation and improves the removal of waste products created by physical exertion, as well as the supply of nutrients in muscles, ligaments, and joints. If you suffer from joint issues, this procedure can alleviate swelling and pain. It’s also a basic method of ACCUSTOMING YOUR BODY TO COLD, which helps to improve the immune function in winter and thus prevent various diseases and infections. It strengthens the skin and improves its nourishment. 

Getting accustomed to cold at home                                               

Shower with warm or hot water depending on your sense of cold; if you feel overheated, you can also use cold water. Then turn on icy water and gradually cool your feet. Shower your joints, Achilles tendons, and in particular strained muscles with a strong current of icy water for at least ten seconds. Then use icy water for your hands and if you want, move the current to your chest and face, head or spine, that is, your whole body. If you have hot water, now’s the time to use it, first to warm your legs and then the rest of the body. Ideally, repeat the whole process 2 to 4 times and finish it with a cold, warm, or hot shower, depending on what you like.  

In this regard, I recommend reading What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney to learn about how icy water, extreme altitudes and the state of the environment restore the evolutionary force we’ve lost.



Chapter 4


Now that we’ve clarified all the facts preventing us from living a real life, we must focus on collective psychology, its force, and the force of its consciousness. Consciousness is a complex term used in medicine, psychology and philosophy, quantum physics, cosmology (anthropic principle), mysticism, arts, and all areas of human existence per se. In the broadest sense of the word, consciousness is a set of ideas (feelings, thoughts, emotions, will) a person has at a particular moment, and whose atoms are left in space.

PLATO’S “Tabula rasa” and “Cogito, ergo sum”, meaning “I think, therefore I am”, by DESCARTES are in absolute mutual correlation.

A person is born a Tabula Rasa (blank slate), discounting sound waves, which stress out the psychology controlling the whole body as well as the body of the foetus and the atoms of the psychology of the foetus forming in the belly of the carrier of the foetus. You know the process of the body’s atomic creation and the existence of the fundamentals of human being from previous chapters dealing with health. In this respect, I’d like to add that tabula rasa further influences the subsequent development of a being, which is dependent on its environment, that is, even though the slate is blank, the being is predetermined on an atomic-chemical basis because, even though it forms chemical actions and reactions only with atoms that are identical in terms of correlation, therefore what qualifies as a strong person is a person who knows, via hard work, to fight their way to an environment that’s utterly different in terms of the rebuilding of almost all calculations of life, that is, automatic actions and reactions of the accustomed atoms – let’s call them the comfort zone. And what does this have to do with space? If you’re able to imagine, with a living being itself, the automatic correlation of atoms and the creation of the connections of your environment of development and subsequent growth and the comfort zones, then you can also image how so-called modern “previous lives” came and come to be.

Humans evolved and have evolved gradually according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is the only one that’s scientifically substantiated, and this is a fact of atomic correlations and the truth of our existence, and we need to accept it as such forever. Reproductions have occurred through gradual development and evolution. But human atoms which form the molecules of DNA, containing stored information, and genes (a gene is actually a section of DNA molecules containing stored information, oftentimes even after countless cell divisions), have remained unchanged for many decades. Large sections of the genetic code required for building various parts of the cell, e.g. ribosomes, are undoubtedly the same in all organisms, be they bacteria, archaea, fungi, plants, or animals. This means that the rudimentary information in their genes has survived unchanged for perhaps billions of years. In terms of creating accurate reliable copies of the information stored in DNA molecules, a key role is played by the molecular attraction between bases A and T and bases G and C. This unique replication ability explains why information stored in DNA is so stable. The atomic decomposition of humans is a long-term process because releasing a person into atoms and getting them into circulation takes a couple of years, but not if the process is accelerated through increased temperature and a change from the solid state to a gaseous one, that is, if the release into circulation is faster, but what to do with them after that? After that the atoms of being can enter action-reaction processes in the event of correspondence with corresponding atoms, by which I mean that, based on correspondence and the number of atoms, we come back to life, and depending on the intensity of atomic correlations and information stored in surviving DNA molecules which have remained unchanged even after numerous cell divisions we have feelings from our previous lives, after such a multiple existence of a human being and with a history of so many years where, in many retellings of family tales, history repeats itself in the form of the nature of a being or similar situations of life as a proof. But it also happens that the atoms of our being find the correlation on another side of the planet according to the calculation of our previous existence and then, only once we arrive at the place where we existed in the past, do we find out why we feel home there.

This clearly shows that mutuality corresponds and is created only with those atoms of which we used to consist, that is, when we were alive, so we actually do choose our future lives if you think about it. So many years must have passed in order for us to be able to call these lives past, since after 500 years, for example, humanity did not have such a prevalence of atoms for anything like a sense of having lived in the past to arise, as more and more people accumulate atoms reinforced by repeated actions and reactions and after many years and they increase the intensity of perception and give people abilities they haven’t even dreamed of. Not to mention the consequences of the industrial and digital revolution, which have multiplied many degrees of intensity.

To present this from another perspective, based on our previous life, an environment is formed for us which we reach as there must be atomic correlation. What used to make us up, how we lived, what we ate, how we acted, behaved, and thought, so these atoms when they get into circulation will further correlate. If we find ourselves in an incorrect environment, we feel like we still have a choice and, by hard work, we can rebuild ourselves into the environment we wish, but ideally through the golden mean, with humility and with good atoms in terms of actions or thinking itself. That other environment always depends and develops based on this, “you get what you put in” or, as the Romans used to say, an “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”!




It’s necessary to learn to forgive and thus gain freedom. Space gives every atom of evil back to whoever initiates the action, but while there’s still an atomic reaction in the form of evil, space also gives atoms of evil back to whomever responds. The reason for this is that the released atoms of evil and good are atoms in the form of action and omission, perceptible matter (words) and imperceptible matter (thoughts), which result in chemical reactions. In the case of atoms of good there’s no issue, but in the case of atoms of evil it’s necessary to know how to forgive and step out of the endless circle of negativity with understanding. Also, if you forgive and stop creating actions and reactions in the form of evil, you’ll get positive actions and reactions sooner because you’ll start creating them and have a happier, better, and more peaceful life, primarily because, as I have said, you stop creating evil for that person and step out of the endless cycle of evil chemical actions and reactions. That’s why every one of us has to consciously work on themselves in all our relationships. If we remain unaware of our own mistakes and wrongdoing, space doesn’t pass us by and – mostly not even in the current time – returns the atoms of what we give, but, depending on the possibilities of calculations in individual time as well as in individual form (never wait, the time’s different for everyone), oftentimes also through other people, and that’s why we have to forgive everyone. You never know whether something from many years ago is coming back to you through a particular person in the present. That’s why you need to think about the current situation, why it’s happening to you, and you need to realise that it’s happening for the purposes of REALISING, i.e. so that you realise that what you’ve got back is what you did to one or more persons. I also mentioned this in the case of atoms of evil, but I’m not going into detail because there’s no problem with endless good and there’s nothing to forgive there, you only need to be grateful and handle it correctly.  

Space isn’t responsible for the diseases a person suffers in their life (I’m not talking about hereditary diseases where a person is born sick; I already addressed that issue in the chapter on health), a person causes them themselves through their DIET and LIFESTYLE (work, study, sport, regeneration). It’s true that some of them are passed down the generations (hereditary diseases) and the solution to that is also described in the chapter on health, but the rest is our own doing. We can also keep in mind that, as we lived and as we left atoms in circulation, we’ll get those very same ones back and we’ll be in a state of mutuality when we are conceived as well. LIFESTYLE (nourishment, the family’s way of life, how we behave in our regular life, and the way we act) determines our ancestors (parents) thanks to the chemical actions and reactions of atoms and chromosomes that make up our DNA, which concerned us throughout our life and which will concern us in our new life because, as the body dies, the atoms and chemical bonds get in the aether and bind themselves to identical atoms and their chemical bonds of other individuals. Then the time comes for conception because, as I have already said, everything is connected in space and this informs the “unwritten rules” which have been in effect from the beginning, we just need to become aware of them and act on them so that the endless cycle of evil atoms doesn’t burst and cause an APOCALYPSE. That’s why, through the path of life, and this is no sermon but science and research, it’s necessary to take crucial steps and show people the key to enlightenment, the key to rectifying and globally saving everything, as well as to show people how a better life is possible if they themselves start to correct themselves and their way of life. It’s also important to show them it works so that they have real motivation, backed by scientific evidence and their own experiences, not to give up during the “way of the cross”, the way of rectification, which is hard to walk if a person really needs to get rid of the negative atoms that make up evil. But the way of enlightenment is crucial and long, as well as hard, but can be managed, and then the taste of the fruit it brings is sweeter and you appreciate it much more. The way of the cross faces many difficulties, both in terms of how we act during our life, and what we eat (especially the struggle most people deal with when it comes to sweets), but if you don’t start now, the more sick individuals will be born, among other things because of nutrition and lifestyle and actions taken during life, and we’re back to the situation that it can only end with the very end one day, you can see for yourselves I’m telling the truth, and it’s also logical and can be supported with scientific analyses in future calculations based on diet and lifestyle, regardless of actions taken during life, because that’s harder to calculate since we only have records of crimes which violate laws, regardless of morality, since all crimes are immoral but not every action is moral, even if it isn’t a crime.

The transfer of atoms is also different for everyone, and we’re always talking about fertilisation and conception of the foetus, where the whole process starts anew, since, at conception, new bonds are formed where you also need the old ones after death, and that’s why it always depends on our previous life and its chemical actions and reactions and bonds created by the way we act, which were created by “previous” chemical bonds, but after death and the decomposition of the body got into the aether. In life, only one thing then applies – the chemical actions of good acts react with the chemical reactions of good acts and the same applies to evil, that is, simply put, you get what you put in, even though the getting can take time because when a person frees themselves from prior things it persists a while and it can happen that a person has started producing positive atoms of good yet still receives the negative atoms of evil, evil acts, or crimes. 

Lifespan doesn’t dictate the quantity and quality of the transfer of positive or negative atoms, transfer is based on the chemical processes related to our life that have been achieved. The speed of the existence of being is determined by calculating the current situation as per the choice of the lesser evil in relation to comparing other options. As to the form of death, a person who dies without suffering is on a very good path because their positive atoms of good surpass their negative atoms of evil and thus the person breaks the endless cycle of atoms of negative processes and, consequently, their new life begins thanks to the atoms of positive chemical actions and reactions and bonds formed via positive atoms by acquiring freedom, good, and a better life. We all have our own individual way of the cross we can conquer, or continue on the road of endless suffering.  



“The ends justify the means”. The goal of the galaxy is the longest possible survival of the actual human and non-human being, not only on Earth, but also in space, and that’s why space must justify the means for this purpose according to the LIFESTYLE OF INDIVIDUALS, both human and non-human beings ON A GLOBAL SCALE, choosing the least evil. That’s why the goal isn’t to introduce a new religion or new faith but, to the contrary, to point out the spatial function of atomic correlations and restore people’s faith based on scientific evidence, and to eliminate flaws in all religions that put them in a disadvantaged position and reform all religions in the sense that what a person puts in they get back, that is, reform the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth principle, because everything is based on atomic correlation and there can be no reaction without action. The importance of religions from a scientific perspective plays a central role primarily in the formation of a collective psyche and consciousness and the formation of positive atoms of a same or similar type for the purpose of achieving a worldwide correlation of GOOD. 


When it comes to religions and faith, however, we need to focus on four basic categories into which people and faiths are divided:

  1. faith in an end after life;
  2. faith in a life after life in a heaven or hell, through a soul;
  3. faith in reincarnation through a soul;
  4. faith in rebirth based on atomic correlations.


In my context, and by achieving good all over the planet, not only this division of people and not even these facts should detract in terms of mutuality and cooperation for the purposes of meeting the set goal of a worldwide correlation of the atoms of GOOD, because everything still depends on acts (actions and reactions) in space, and whatever anyone believes they must act correctly one way or the other because atomic correlation is necessary everywhere, even if:

  1. our current life develops according to the way we act; 
  2. our spiritual life after life is determined by how we act and whether we end up in heaven or hell;
  3. our spiritual reincarnation reflects our previous life;
  4. our rebirth in the form of atomic correlation also depends on prior bonds.  

And it’s this reform that would make sure that faith and science become one, once and for all, and that the “soul” of our planet is REVIVED, respecting all religions and all faiths or creeds. Because it’s science that is, in this view, the key to reviving religions, with sufficient support in evidence and other scientific facts, and also via a global cultural revolution where the atoms of good should reach the whole world once and at the same time, also via an online connection. Now that we’ve achieved all these goals and before we conclude the first part of this book, for the purpose of saving the planet it’s time for the final chapter, entitled “Globalisation projects”, and to clarify other existing means of salvage and their real purpose, and to familiarise ourselves with new means of salvage and gradually introduce them.



Chapter 5

Globalisation projects



The Apple logo symbolises, in fact, doom and rectification in multiple ways. The first interpretation is that it symbolises doom in terms of violating biblical rules, and that people started violating rules a long time ago. There have been many attempts at retraining the population, but they haven’t been as successful as what has been now achieved in the IT world. S.J. got the idea to establish Apple, only back then he didn’t know why it was in fact Apple, and now you know that the Apple logo is what it is because violating rules started with an apple, so space gave a global option in legal time for space and population based on reaching certain levels of chemical actions and reactions of the same type, involving getting rid of personal freedom to prevent the violation of rules through modern technology (simplifying work for prosecuting authorities in the fight against crime) and that is mainly thanks to the Apple company (since this company was a crucial company that pushed the IT world this far). The other interpretation is that it symbolises the population’s doom (a half-eaten apple goes bad sooner) in the form of lifestyle, which results in global warming, disease, obesity, and environmental pollution. But it also symbolises the rectification thereof. Thanks to the invention of modern technology and new applications, retraining is nowadays much simpler than in the past and here we again have the symbolism and significance of apple as nature = fruit = healthy food. At the same time, apples are a fruit that has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and is healthy, even when people thought that the incorrect lifestyle was caused by the invention of modern technology, it’s not so because it’s been like that for a while, only it peaked after the spread of the electronic devices of modern technology. But what’s interesting here is that, thanks to the electronic devices of modern technology, it’s also much easier to motivate people towards a correct lifestyle and societal rectification, that is, it’s as if it was already known in advance what would happen due to such a lifestyle and Apple was invented at the right moment, laying the foundations for a new era where global society would be easier to retrain, without which it wouldn’t be possible on a global scale.



The real significance and idea behind the creation of the social network is that people either retrain on their own, becoming social without committing immoral and criminal acts thanks to the influence of the “network”, as in a social network – in the sense of society’s global influence on individuals – or they end up “caught in a network”, depending on the seriousness of their act, the degree of the retraining network is chosen and then retraining happens. The goal is that, in the end, they successfully become moral and social entities. Either you’re social or you end up “in the network”, under surveillance and, depending on the seriousness of your acts, soon also in actual custody or prison. Then you’ll become a social and moral entity, simply put, but only then can you join the network again. In fact, this doesn’t apply just to social networks, but to the “network” as such, that is, the internet (“interconnected networks”), but, as you can see, it also, consequently, applies to the real network itself in the real life.



The FITBOOK project, currently still operating as, is a worldwide portal for coaches, gyms, online stores with fitness equipment, and for people interested in exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

The initial idea behind go2gymu applied mostly to the world of fitness but, considering the current situation and world events, I decided to expand go2gym not only to gyms and athletes, but, overall, to the healthy and more environmentally friendly lifestyle of all individuals on Earth, with the aim of teaching people to save, correctly use food even when doing their job, and so that dietologists and analysts would try to guide the population towards a certain balance on a global scale. The reasons are food waste, people’s health issues, excess waste, and, on the other hand, the starvation of certain population segments. Why? I don’t think it’s fair for reasons of people’s ignorance for there to be a person involved in psychological office work on one hand (the percentage of whom has risen rapidly in recent years), overeating or eating incorrect foods and thus causing themselves health issues and psychological problems because of the quality and quantity of their body, and, on the other, a person engaged in hard physical labour who suffers from malnutrition. I also don’t believe it’s fair for people from poorer countries to starve because of food shortages and, on the other hand, for developed countries to waste food. Food saved in developed countries could be an endowment project for less developed countries which are outright starving. I also think that since developed countries and their lifestyle have the greatest effect on the environment and through global warming indirectly cause poverty in other countries where fertile soil has turned into dry sand, at least in this way they should make up for the damage done by the consequences of their actions, meaning via their everyday way of life. It would also solve the issue with waste and with matter itself (less food = smaller body surface = less water = less oxygen and less cosmetic waste), as well as animal abuse, and its quantity as matter, or there wouldn’t be a need for such substantial meat consumption and thus also plant-based food, which is used in meat production, would be saved and could be used for consumption in another form. In a way, it would also solve the issue of global warming by removing gases produced by animals, which also have a large influence on this worldwide problem. At the same time, we should mention forest management, water courses, ground water, and drinking water – all these are serious matters on the brink of ending within a couple of decades. We need to start thinking globally and act because things are more than serious at this point, and it is pointing to a catastrophe of our own making since we’re selfish and do everything only for ourselves, and in the end this yields nothing but issues for everyone, as well as disease, concerns, depression, wars, etc.


Go2gym will be renamed FITBOOK and the portal will be supplemented with new functions not only for athletes, but also for regular people, with the aim of teaching people to correctly consume enough food to meet their needs and save the planet and health. There will be expanded options for users to educate themselves by reading articles by physicians, dietologists, coaches, and professional athletes, as well as physical therapists. Also, to get people to exercise more, there will be a live game focused on moving with the users’ profiles and there will be pre-determined exercises and series at certain locations to ensure better ranking as a motivation. It’s the first social network whose purpose is to truly educate and motivate people, with the intention of helping to protect and save our planet EARTH.


Why the name FITBOOK? Because it’s the first online fit book concerning all areas of human health in the form of a social network, with the motto FIT POPULATION = FIT PLANET! 


Global Citizens’ Association


The issues I’ve analysed are the reason why the time’s come to connect everything on a global scale, to enshrine it in law, and establish systematic management of the whole world via GUIDANCE in the form of a Global Citizen’s Association and by publishing its guidelines, where every country in the world must be a member and work together to achieve set goals, determined by voting and by a 3/5 majority, and thus work together to achieve global goals. The purpose is to save our planet Earth and heal society both physically and psychologically. 







The planet is at breaking point due to the increased temperature of everything in general, and, as a result of its effect on the pressure and speed of particles, we find ourselves on the brink not only of increasingly frequent natural disasters, but also of a time bomb everywhere around, where we have factories or power plants over the whole surface of the planet, which is the centre of a vacuum created by gravity. 


It’s a time delay where a systematic solution on one or two continents isn’t enough to save the planet. That’s why we need a global association of all countries within a single society and to systematically manage the planet in regards to key issues. The system is important because, if there’s no system, there’s no functioning, since both nature and our bodies function based on systems, a typical example being the biological clock which systematically operates within each individual, or, if you take an athlete, if they don’t have a system they can’t progress and that’s why, in this process of globalisation, there must be a system of functioning itself and of the functioning of mutual cooperation, and this system of functioning itself and of the functioning of cooperation must determine its rules in advance, to the tiniest detail, to the particle – atoms if necessary, because you can only build on the stable and quality foundations of calculations and their particles in general.


If there are any doubts, I recommend getting a computer for quantum physics, which may become so advanced in a couple of years that it will prove my words and manage billions of computations of quadrillion atoms and their calculations. Until then, we must accept that atomic calculations and their foundations are proven by evolution itself and by the functioning of the planet, and realise that the most ideal life is the life of the golden mean, with small deviations of opposites, that is, from the atomic perspective a life in the natural environment with small deviations of positive and negative atoms, i.e. opposites. A natural environment is an atomic state that is electro-neutral and involves an identical number of electrons and protons. If this relationship changes, an ion is created which can be either positive (cation) or negative (anion). The same goes for our lives. We’re in a natural environment and our surroundings affect us through deviations of positive as well as negative atoms, whose actions and reactions are further influenced by us, either consciously or unconsciously. That’s why the most ideal change in the relationship is a change with small deviations, which we can consciously influence, and the environment is then an environment of the golden mean with small deviations of opposites, since we need both positive and negative atoms for further development and evolution. The very foundations are also built on opposites. After all, there’s no warmth without cold, no minus without plus, no good without evil, no night without day.  



Annex 1 



The calculations below also suggest it’s time to globalise.




Start: 3978 BC + 2022 AD = 6000

End:    2022 AD + 3978 AD = 6000

But when the planet is set correctly, the result could be higher by up to 3000 years.


                2022 AD + 6978 AD = 9000



3+9+7+8 = 9

2+0+2+2 = 6


The number 69 is a globe of numbers, symbolising a cooperating world. 



For that reason, the following needs to pass:


Global Law (Act No 19920919/20220705) 


and the following to be codified


Fundamental Animal Rights and Freedoms (Act No 19920919/06070770).


Over time, the following would be achieved

69 yin yang population = peaceful co-existence (no discrimination)

69 yin yang planet   = global peace of countries (law + trust + cooperation = peace)

Health and love = irreplaceable, complimentary, and ultimate wealth.


HEALTH, LOVE, and PEACE in a systemised WORLD make for an ideal world = OR on EARTH.


The time’s come to work hard to repair this whole destroyed world that’s heading towards a huge global apocalypse, the likes of which humanity can’t even imagine!!!








Written by: Dominik Győri


Annex 2 

Personal experience of FOOD PHARMACY























Annex 3 

Personal experience of attaining freedom








































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06.09.2023                                                          Written by: Dominik Győri


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